• Restore NI Children’s Hospice Funding
    The hospice is a local charity that provides specialist palliative care for more than 350 babies, children, and their families each year. It's the only facility of it's kind in Northern Ireland. Extremely sick children and their families depend on the Hospice. This funding must be restored immediately. Dáithí uses the hospice four or times a year and we would be lost without it. The Northern Ireland Children's Hospice is such a magical place and I like to say to people that 'the hospice and the people who work there make the impossible possible'."
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    Created by Máirtín Mac Gabhann
  • SEN Reform in Northern Ireland: URGENT ACTION REQUIRED
    All children can learn. All children have a right to an education and we need to stand up for some of the most vulnerable children in our community who are being denied an education.
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    Created by Emma Morgan
  • The affordability of Sausage rolls and chicken fillet rolls
    I remember a time when you could get cheap chicken fillet rolls or sausage rolls for just 2 euros. Those were the days. Now, prices have skyrocketed to an unbearable level - four rolls for 3 euros, or even worse, five for 3.99 at Centra. It's a heartbreak every single time. This isn't just about nostalgia; it's about affordability and accessibility to food that many people in Ireland rely on daily. The price increase has outpaced inflation rates and wage growth in our country, making these staple foods less affordable for average Irish citizens. According to Eurostat data from 2020, food prices in Ireland are already among the highest in Europe – approximately 20% above the EU average (source: Eurostat). This price hike on chicken fillet and sausage rolls only exacerbates this issue further. We call upon local businesses and national chains alike to reconsider their pricing strategies. We understand that businesses need to make profits but not at the expense of everyday consumers who depend on these products as part of their regular diet. Please sign this petition if you believe that everyone should have access to affordable food staples like chicken fillet and sausage rolls in Ireland
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    Created by Dev Sausage rolls
  • Save Roscommon Town Post Office
    Our Post Office has been established for decades, which is part of the social, economic and cultural heritage of Roscommon Town. It is a landmark building in our town centre, which creates footfall, vitality and viability at this location. The use of the Post Office is part of the Cultural Heritage of the town and therefore must be protected under Planning legislation.
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    Created by Nigel Dineen
  • Garda Station for Dublin Docklands in '24
    Producing over 6% of Ireland’s GDP, the location of nine out of 10 world leaders in tech and 50% of the world’s leading banks Dublin Docklands is a strategic asset for the nation. Many businesses, having invested so heavily in the area, are now losing confidence in the authorities ability to manage Docklands growing crime rate. Docklands is Ireland’s most successful urban regeneration. There are 60,000 people working in the area. This figure represents a 20% larger workforce than Limerick city and suburbs combined. Limerick has three Garda stations with a fourth on the way. Yet despite all this, Docklands remains without a dedicated Garda Station. We believe that having a local police station would significantly improve response times and deter potential criminals. It would also provide us with a tangible point of contact for reporting concerns or information about criminal activity. The Minister holds the power to change this situation. We are calling on her to allocate funds specifically for the establishment of a new Garda station in Dublin Docklands. This investment will not only help curb crime rates but also help secure an important strategic asset for the country. Please join us in urging the Dáil to fund this much-needed resource for our neighbourhoods’ safety and well-being. Sign this petition today!
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    Created by Alan Robinson
  • We need a Childcare Strategy and childcare reform for Northern Ireland
    Melted Parents have 4 campaign demands. 1) Immediate financial support for families to support for childcare costs - preventing skilled workers leaving the workforce, supporting families living in poverty, and boosting the economy. 2) Parent representation through decision-making process on policies made on childcare. 3) Long term childcare sector reform with children at the centre that works for families and providers.
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  • Save New Ross Post Office
    It is a vital social good. Iconic building in the middle of town. Key service for hundreds of people every week. It will see a dilution of services and job losses.
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    Created by Michael Sheehan
  • Sinn Féin: Boycott the White House on St. Patrick's Day
    More than 25,000 people, including over 10,000 children, have been killed in Gaza since October. Joe Biden cannot be allowed to celebrate the peace on the island of Ireland while continuing to fund Benjamin Netanyahu's slaughter in Palestine. By not attending the St. Patrick's Day celebrations, Michelle O'Neill will show the cost of this support, and send a strong message in favour of a ceasefire.
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  • Save Our Malahide Road Bus Stops
    Bus Connects has been granted permission by An Bord Pleanala to remove the bus stops at Danieli Road (1219) and Killester Avenue (1220). These are proposed to be replaced by a single bus stop outside Artane Cottages Lower, on a narrow footpath with no room for a bus shelter. This means there will be no bus stop with shelter or seats on Malahide Road southbound between Artane Roundabout and Maypark (near Donneycarney church), a distance of almost 1km. The local community is losing two well-used bus stops with full amenities situated on wide footpaths. Instead, all bus passengers who would otherwise use those two stops will be forced to wait on a narrow footpath directly outside the doors and windows of the houses at Artane Cottages Lower, with no shelter or amenities. This will affect every passenger using the bus service along this whole stretch of the Malahide Road. The biggest impact will be on older passengers, passengers with disabilities and those travelling with children. The distances to bus services for residents from Killester Park / Craigford Drive and St. Brigid’s / Danieli Road will increase significantly. The severe impact on all bus passengers in the area and on the residents of Artane Cottages Lower has been explained many times to Bus Connects in public consultations and formal objections to their proposals, but no changes have been made or instructed to them by An Bord Pleanala. At this stage, the only option to prevent this proposal from being implemented in the Bus Connects scheme is to put pressure on the NTA and the Bus Connects project managers and engineers to revise the detail design for the stops between Artane Roundabout and Maypark in the next stage of the works. Help us to lobby Bus Connects to revise the design. Please sign the petition AND email them at [email protected] to tell them to save our bus stops.
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    Created by Save Our Stops
  • BE YOU AT SCHOOL - join the campaign to allow kids wear their own clothes at school
    It is not natural to put children into uniforms for all of their childhood. Be in no doubt that they sap some of the light and levity out of the child and out of the school. They introduce fear and conflict because they involve enforcement, punishments, reprimands, and alienation. Schools become that bit more hostile to many children. Teachers waste enormous amounts of time enforcing and harassing and haranguing students about the clothes they are wearing and very stupid things like the colour of their shoelaces. They are expensive, restrictive, uncomfortable, oppressive and outdated. They reflect a right-wing conservative need for ultra-conformity to control children. In France it is Le Pen's neo-Nazi's who want to introduce uniforms. They are counter to modern educational philosophy which values plurality, problem-solving, creativity and self-expression. Ireland and Malta are the only two EU countries with this widespread practice, both with a British colonial past and a widespread smothering conservative, Catholic control of schools. It is a myth that uniforms protect children from bullying. In the wider European continent, out of 40 countries, uniforms are the norm in eight, and all eight of those report above average levels of bullying (Statista 2018). Rather than trying to make everyone look the same (impossible anyhow) by enforcing ridiculous dress and appearance rules, better for school to focus on developing children's ability to be resilient, accept themselves and other people for who they are in all their wonderful human diversity.
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    Created by Gearóid Ó Riain Picture
  • Killester Raheny Clontarf needs a new secondary school
    The Killester Raheny Clontarf school planning area (KRC SPA) has seven secondary schools. All are taxpayer-funded and all are controlled by religious institutions. Five of the schools are single-sex. Of the remaining two schools, one prioritises children from Protestant backgrounds and the other is a small Catholic school. We have raised this issue repeatedly with the Minister for Education, Norma Foley, through representations in the Dáil. Through questions to her Department we have learned that there is a serious lack of secondary school places in the KRC SPA. The statistics we received from the Department of Education show, for example, that year after year between 60% and 70% of boys who finish sixth class in the KRC SPA leave the area for secondary school. This is unsurprising as only one of the single-sex schools mentioned above caters for boys. The schools in our area are already oversubscribed and the statistics show we need a new one. We need a school that offers parents a choice. Please sign the petition and let’s make sure it’s a non-religious school that boys and girls can attend together.
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    Created by Paddy Monahan
  • We need a local bus for Mullingar town
    Let's make Mullingar accessible to everyone, bring the bus!
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    Created by Raimonda Masiulyte - Ramchurn