• Stop false direction signs on The Luas
    It's important because it gives a very poor impression to all users of the system but particularly people from outside Ireland.
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    Created by Mary Nealey
  • Make Clonroad Campus Accessible to All!
    Clonroad Campus is a busy place. It is home to Training and Education Providers, as well as Community Organisations. Learners from Streetwise Brothers of Charity last year raised their concerns with Clare County Council as to the unsafe entry/exit route for Clonroad Campus. They highlighted the risks of no footpath and broken ground for all pedestrian users of Clonroad Campus and the unsafe access to Ennis town. The learners of Streetwise Brothers of Charity are advocating for a safe, accessible route in/out of Clonroad Campus, so that they and others may access Ennis town safely. #accessibility #universaldesign #safety #campaign #advocacy #community #teamwork #activecitizenship #walkinourshoes Read more here: https://clarechampion.ie/streetwise-participants-tell-councillors-they-dont-feel-safe/
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    Created by Ciara Ward
  • Stop traffic danger for Kids walking & cycling on SCR
    Cyclists are being hit by cars at this junction. Cars are jumping the red light. Hundreds of children and cyclists walk and cycle to work & school every day here. They are not safe. Dublin City Council traffic engineers must urgently review this junction and upgrade pedestrian & cyclist safety with 2 new pedestrian crossings & cycle lanes.
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen
  • Take the year off car reg plates
    Irish vehicle registration plates show the year the car was registered. As a result, cars and trucks are disproportionately valued on this number as opposed to the quality of the vehicle. This results in dramatic depreciation and needless consumption of new vehicles.
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    Created by Brian Cuthbert
  • FoothPaths and Streets Lights urgently needed in Donacarney, Mornington, Bettystown, Co Meath
    For the safety and benefits of ALL residents : kids, working families, pensioners. In order to reduce car emissions and meet Ireland' green targets, we need to reduce our car use. But if its not safe to walk your kids from home to school, If you risk your live cycling from Mornington to Laytown station, to avoid using your car, that is not right.
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    Created by margot ferry
  • Road Safety for Castlemartyr National School Children
    Castlemartyr National School is based on the busy N25 Cork to Waterford road, less than 200 metres from a busy junction as well as having an adjacent road servicing an estate. The school has been supported by a traffic warden for over 30 years but since November, the school has had to do without a warden due to the safety concerns expressed by a number of wardens who have held the position. Although this position is actively being recruited for, it still leaves the issue of safety around the area of paramount concern. Traffic surveys carried out at the areas have shown that a large percentage of passing traffic will regularly break the speed limit which is set at 50km/h. Footpaths opposite the school are extremely narrow and passing traffic is less than one metre away from anyone using those footpaths. This can mean that large trucks and other vehicles can be traveling at 50Km/h less than one meter away from children or families with buggies walking to and from school. The School has 245 students with over 170 families as part of its community with many having to travel to the school, particularly families from Mogeely. Children cycling or using a Scooter to get to school have no option but to use the road or narrow footpath. Parking in the locality is extremely limited due to the size of the car park in the school. Many people have to find parking locally and then walk to the school. The entrance to the car park at the school is less than 5 metres from the entrance to Kiltha park which means that there are three lanes of traffic that need to be navigated when crossing the road close to the school. This also causes concern for local residents as driveways may be used for turning or parking when dropping or picking up children. The N25 sees upwards of 15,000 vehicles pass through Castlemartyr each day. With such a large volume of traffic passing through a populated village it is vital that the safety of pedestrian and motorists alike is addressed with the highest urgency. https://trafficdata.tii.ie/sitedashboard.asp?sgid=XZOA8M4LR27P0HAO3_SRSB&spid=5229D2644906 The list can go on but we need action and we need your support, we want Castlemartyr to be a safe place for children going to and from school. Some form of traffic calming has to take place. Please sign and share this petition to show your support and help us ensure our children can walk safely to school.
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    Created by Castlemartyr Parents Association Castlemartyr
  • Bree Village - Traffic Safety Measures
    Given the increased population of Bree Village and surrounding areas and the services that the village provides such as education, child care, GAA and retail, the volume of traffic entering Bree Village has greatly increased in recent years. It is obvious to many residents and “Bree Community Tidy Towns” that this increased volume of traffic is now causing great concern with the possibility of an accident or fatality to the fore of people’s minds.
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    Created by Thomas Byrne
  • Scrap Toll Roads
    Tolls are a further tax on people except the money goes directly to private companies instead of back into the State. Tolls are not large employers and have automated most of their staff. Roads can be maintained through government funds in the same way that every other road in the country is. Increasing tolls in the middle of a cost of living crisis when they are already posting record profits is just extortion. We don't need them and they're exploiting us. Get rid of them.
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    Created by Brian Cuthbert
  • Ban taxis from bus lanes
    (1) In places where we don't have segregated cycle lanes, cyclists already have to share their lane with buses. There have been countless incidents of taxi drivers driving and behaving dangerously - sometimes even outright aggressively - towards cyclists. Removing taxis from the bus lanes will make cyclists safer. (2) Taxis are not ecologically sound transport, they often only have a single passenger, and shouldn't be prioritised in our traffic systems. Bus lanes should be empty and free flowing so that green public transport becomes quicker and more attractive to people.
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    Created by Yusuf Murray
  • Help Protect Our Children
    The traffic issues around our school with HGV usage have been exacerbated by Brexit and now pose life-threatening risks to the children of Kilrane National School everyday and to the residents of the Kilrane area. In summary; Kilrane has been subjected to years of bad planning practices, Brexit has now made these HGV traffic issues around our school far far worse. The safety issues around our national school are now at a life-threatening stage since the implementation of Brexit. And it is our fear that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured at the school. The long-term future of Kilrane and Rosslare Harbour as a livable residential areas is in danger, as well as the future of our very valuable tourist industry which is based around the affected area. We wish for the businesses involved to stay in the Kilrane/Rosslare Harbour area as we have no issue with the businesses involved, just with their current proposed locations. So we call on Wexford County Council to honour their promises to solve our traffic issues and to honour their statutory obligations to the residents, especially our children, and reject the planning permission application for a new haulage depot in Kilrane Business Park. The granting of such would be catastrophic for our children. Our detailed objection letter will be ready shortly and we will make it public. Please sign this petition by the 2nd of November 2022.
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    Created by Kilrane Concerned Residents
  • Demand Safe Water for Furbo - Spiddal - Rossaveal area
    Sign this petition to let your voice be heard We have had no information and no apology regarding the unsafe tap water. The public water quality is considerably compromised and a serious risk to your health if you consume it. This should in a written statement to every household affected. There should also be a notice that the water will damage and break appliances i.e kettle, dishwasher, washing machines etc We need an disposal unit for electrical and plastic waste caused by this issue and compensation for broken appliances. There is a good article here on how Maganese can be toxic and dangerous to our health. https://labs.selfdecode.com/blog/manganese-toxicity/ If you are worried that you have symptoms , you can contact your G.P and book some tests. Vitamin E and Milk Thistle may help to to combat manganese toxicity.
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    Created by sinead mckiernan
  • Pedestrian cross at the school in Bunclody
    It's a very dangerous road and pupils are risking every time they need to cross the road going to school or coming back home. Image source: https://tinyurl.com/mrxws8n9
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    Created by Tadas Zakevicius