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To: Minister for Transport, Offaly County Council

Turn the R400 into a National Road

Nationalise the R400 road that runs from Mullingar in Co. Westmeath to Cushina in Co. Offaly

Allocate adequate funding to ensure the road is kept in usable condition before any further large scale construction projects begin along the route. 

Why is this important?

North Offaly is fast becoming the home of Green energy projects that are being constructed or planed in Ireland. The Yellow River Wind farm is a prime example of a project in the area. Locals objected to the Wind farm on the grounds that there was not adequate infrastructure in place to take on the increase in construction traffic. Ultimately the case was taken to the high court where the objection was refused. At the time local councilors promised the roads would be done before, maintained during and redone after construction of the wind farm. These promises ultimately proved to be empty.

A few planned projects along the r400 or that will use the r400 for the majority of construction traffic:

Yellow River Wind farm:

Rhode Green Energy Park:

Bio-Mass Gassification Plant:

Battery Storage:

Clonin North Solar Farm:

Oxigen Waste Management Facility:

Full report on Green energy within the area can be found:

This campaign is focused on finding the balance between these types of projects and ensuring that local residents are taken care of. Much of the local area around the r400 is not serviced by public transport and as such we rely on our cars and on the roads, which we pay for through our taxes. The r400 has been in a state for decades, the local council have failed to make it a priority, failed to hold the companies behind the large scale construction projects accountable for their use and they have failed all of us who have had to endure an unsafe, not fit for purpose, road.

When questioned as to why the r400 has not seen improvements over the years Offaly County Council claim that there is not enough funding. The only way around the lack of funding on a local level, is for the road to be made a national road. That way it's reconstruction and maintenance funding, will come from the National Government. Please join us in calling for the National and local Government's to make the r400 a national road. 
Offaly, Co. Offaly, Ireland

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