• Bring Dublin Bikes to Ballymun-Finglas and North of the Canal
    More and more people are looking for ways to avoid the slog of commuting through traffic in private cars or buses.  Cycling is a great alternative - fast, no charging neccessary and with health benefits too.  Dublin Bikes is a cheap, accessible scheme that gives people the option to cycle without owning a bike or having to maintain one.  Up to now it's been limited to between the Royal and Grand Canals - with earlier plans to expand the scheme shelved during the austerity years.  We want to see Dublin City Council expand the scheme so that people in Ballymun, Finglas, Santry, Glasnevin, Whitehall, Beaumont and further afield on the Northside can benefit from it too. 
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    Created by Conor Reddy
  • Teach Kids to Grow Food: Make Organic Horticulture a Leaving Certificate subject
    Learning to grow your own food organically in a world where food security is a growing concern, is a valuable life skill.  Young people deserve to have the opportunity to learn to grow healthy food to ensure their ability to manage the impact of an increasingly volatile global food production system. A Leaving Certificate subject that would award 50% of the marks for practical work - as is the case with music, for example - would ensure that students can develop and maintain a school garden and orchard under the expertise of a properly qualified teacher, thereby enhancing their school environment and providing freshly produced organic food for their school's canteen.  23% of the global land surface has reduced productivity as a result of unsustainable, industrial, agriculture practices (1). Organic agriculture, which has benefits for biodiversity, soil health and water quality, is a key tool in halting and reversing this trend. Unfortunately, Ireland has one of the lowest rates of organic farming in Europe (2), which means the government should make a concerted effort to encourage the uptake of organic food production at both large and small scale.  Introducing a subject in Irish secondary schools that would allow teenagers to learn how to grow their own food sustainably would be a positive step in contributing to Ireland's food sovereignty. The subject should be based on the principles of agro-ecology, to ensure that students learn how to grow food in a way that protects and enhances biodiversity. Chemical herbicides, many of which are known to be carcinogenic, have no place in a school environment and should not be part of the curriculum.  At a time when the climate and biodiversity crises expose our food production models to ever greater vulnerabilities, it has never been more important to build local, resilient and sustainable food systems. We call on the Minister for Education, Norma Foley, to give young people the skills to make this happen by introducing Organic Horticulture as a Leaving Certificate subject.   (1) IFOAM Organics International: https://www.ifoam.bio/why-organic (2) European Environment Agenc: https://www.eea.europa.eu/en/analysis/indicators/agricultural-area-used-for-organic 
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    Created by Maolíosa Ni Chléirigh Picture
  • Demand a Commitment to Restore Irish Rail Infrastructure and Stop Investing in Greenways
    You should join this campaign if you are a believer in sustainable public transport, and wish to see Ireland have a rail network for the 21st century, and not continued investment into Greenways.
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    Created by Matthew James Quill
  • Demand for the Establishment of an Independent Environmental Protection Agency in Northern Ireland
    Our communities are also being profoundly affected by this environmental destruction, and we refuse to stand idly by as our natural heritage is plundered. We urgently call for the establishment of an Independent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is robust, well-resourced, and empowered to confront environmental injustices without hesitation. This EPA must have the authority to prosecute offenders regardless of their influence or status, ensuring that environmental crimes are met with swift and just consequences. Northern Ireland's ecological heritage is at stake, and we cannot afford to delay any longer. Join us in demanding the creation of an EPA that will safeguard our precious natural resources for generations to come. Sign now to protect our environment and secure a sustainable future for Northern Ireland.
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    Created by Save the Moat Save the Sperrins Picture
  • Andrew Muir: Clean up the illegal dump at Mobuoy
    Mobuoy dump is beside the River Faughan, which supplies 60% of Derry's drinking water. Experts say the Mobuoy site may contain 1.6m tonnes of waste. If the dump is not properly cleaned up soon, then the river could be contaminated, making our water undrinkable. Even though the site closed in 2013, people are still illegally dumping at the site! The minister responsible for waste in NI, Andrew Muir has yet to come up with a recovery plan for the site. The only suggestion his department has provided is to give local residents bottled water if the river becomes impacted. It is time for the Minister to get a grip of the situation: secure the site, clean up Mobouy and ensure clean and safe drinking water for the people of Derry.
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • Stop the Ballybrack Bridge
    https://www.uplift.ie/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/MyUplift-banner-politician-SVG.svg Ballybrack woods is a unique area of woodland in the heartbeat of Douglas. It's an idyllic, peaceful amenity. The destruction of trees, habitats and biodiversity in this area would be detrimental. This area is also of huge historical importance due to the close connection with Morough Mills. The Mangolds, locally called Mangles, that gave it its name were grown there to be used in the mills. The residents of Douglas will not allow or stand by the destruction of this vitally important amenity.
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    Created by Michelle Cowhey Shahid
  • Kilkenny Needs Fountains and Wells
    We want to prevent millions of single-use plastic water bottles from being used. Summers are getting warmer, climate change Families' budgets are getting tighter, they shouldn’t be made to buy water as the cost of living increases. Let’s remove the convenience factor of buying single use plastic bottles. If water is freely available, people will buy less sugary drinks Lets build for a healthier, happier, more environmentally friendly Kilkenny
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    Created by Kevin Shore
  • Ban Sale Of Used Power Tools At Markets And Car Boot Sales
    We think that by giving these tool thieves a platform, the government is enabling them to sell these tools for quick cash. We think that by not taking this action, the government is increasing the pressure on the police, who get calls about tool theft from all over the nation. Insurance companies are also impacted negatively by this crime. People in the trades struggle all over the nation to make ends meet and support their families. This must come to an end. We propose imposing a fine of €10,000 on individuals who vend used power tools at car boot sales or markets, as well as on those who arrange such events. Make it difficult for those who steal tools.
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    Created by Stephen Buckley
  • Reinstate Public Bus Service between Galway and Dublin
    In 2021, the Bus Éireann route 20/X20 was cancelled, impacting commuters in Galway City and towns such as Craughwell, Loughrea, Aughrim and Ballinasloe. The route was privatised and replaced with the 706/706X route ran by a private company. This route ignored Craughwell, Loughrea and Aughrim and left Ballinasloe with less frequent services. Now in 2024 the private route is being cancelled, with the company saying it is not profitable enough. Public transport is an essential public service and should be ran as such, not left to the whims of private companies.
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    Created by Adrian Curran
  • Drop Citibank from Belfast Pride
    Citibank, who are facilitating the supply of billions of pounds of Israeli weapons and enabling the slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinians, [1] are also one of the main sponsors of this year's Belfast Pride Festival - the biggest LGBTQIA+ event in the city. This is pinkwashing at its very worst - using Belfast Pride and our LGBTQIA+ community to distract from their brutal business practices. Not only are they supporting weapons deals, Citibank is also funding several fossil fuel companies to drill for gas off Gaza, [3] - as thousands of innocent people are being massacred, and famine looms [4] as a result of Israel’s brutal siege. Israel has no right to grant licenses to companies to drill for oil or gas in the Palestinian territory. Fossil fuels have always been tied up with war and to extract oil and gas from a region whose population are being starved to death and brutally murdered, is a war crime. We demand that Belfast Pride Festival drops Citibank as one of its main sponsors! [1] https://www.bankingonsolidarity.org/citibank-and-palestinians-a-cruel-status-quo/ [2] https://fossilfreeciti.org/ [3] https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2024/3/6/israel-is-pillaging-not-just-gazas-cities-but-also-its-waters [4] https://www.politico.eu/article/famine-is-imminent-gaza-un-food-israel-hamas-hunger/
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  • Chapel Road pathway to Portmarnock train station
    1. Hundreds of people living on Chapel road are dependent on cars to get access to a train station only a short distance away ( less than 2k) . 2. People risk their lives every day walking or cycling on treacherous Chapel road which has no paths, cycleways, street lights and poor drainage. 3. Poor parking at Portmarnock train station means Chapel road residents have limited options for commuting into work. 4. Chapel road residents have a right to be able to choose walking and cycling to help support positive climate change . 5. Stop climate pollution from unnecessary car journeys . Research has shown access to public transport significantly cuts car journeys . 6. Fingal County council have failed to listen to Chapel road residents and implementation of local area plan active travel development .
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    Created by Sharon Finn
  • Clear the slipway into the Barrow river in Monasterevin
    So if anyone gets into trouble in the fast current river the rescue services can have easy access to the river and a fast launch of the boat if needed
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    Created by Aaron Sheppard