• Full secularization of all Irish Schools
    Hi, Ma name is Val. I'm an atheist. My son is an atheist too. At present there are absolutely no schools in Ireland for hundreds of thousands atheist children brought up by the atheist parents. In the primary school with a lot of effort we managed to escape most of the religious education through informal private agreement with the school authorities, however in the secondary school, which my son would have to go approximately within a year, he would be coerced/forced to attend compulsory religious classes in the form of Religious Education and/or Pastoral Care. I simply don't want my son to be religiously brainwashed in one way or another. Therefore, I petition to secularize all Irish schools, so all Irish children would be able to enjoy normal modern secular education in line with human evolution. All children in the world are born atheist, however then get brainwashed by society/community/education system into one religion or another. We should stop this practice and let our kids to grow free from any religious dogmas. Those parents who want to continue brainwashing their children should do it outside of our education system. Let's make all Irish schools completely free from any religious education!
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    Created by Val Dublin
  • New St Paul’s Secondary School for Monasterevin
    The current school is not fit for purpose. We feel that our children are being treated as second class citizens because of the conditions they endure on a daily basis. The following list are some of the issues students and staff are facing each and every day; Heating: The heating breaks down on a regular basis, the boiler is over 20 years old and we can't get parts for it anymore. There are currently 14 classrooms in prefabs, most of which are almost 20 years old. They leak when it rains heavily and are freezing cold in winter and like saunas in summer. Room Availability: We regularly have to use 2 rooms in the Community Centre as we don’t have room for guest speakers/workshops. We also use the scouts den for workshops and sometimes for PE. We use a room in the local convent for recorded interviews for LCVP and also the State Oral Irish and French exams. Toilets: We currently have 227 boys attending. They have one toilet which has 2 cubicles and 3 urinals between them. The drains are constantly getting blocked in both the boys and girls toilets. Privacy Issues: Students receive first aid treatment in reception. We don't have anywhere for students with medical issues to administer medication or make adjustments to medical equipment. This is done on the corridor or in the female staff bathrooms. Staff Workroom: There is nowhere for teachers to do corrections/prepare for class. When they are not using their room another teacher is in it. Some teachers don’t have a room, as there aren’t enough and so they are carrying books, copies, laptops etc to and from classes at every change of class. They are currently using their cars to do corrections as it is the only quiet space available to them. There is also nowhere for teachers to have a private telephone conversation with a parent or sometimes a face to face meeting. Subject Options: Some students are left disappointed as they are not getting their first or second choices because there simply aren’t enough practical rooms – we have 1 Art Room, 1 MTW, 1 Home Ec, 1 Science Lab, 1 DCG room. Max per class is 24 students. Outside Space: The yard space for students at break times is rapidly diminishing as we install more prefabs. It is unsafe in some areas and when the gym is in use for TY show or exams the yard is used for PE. It can be slippy and dangerous. We do not have any green space or playing fields which means that students have to walk to the local GAA pitch or soccer pitch for training and games. Parking: The main road where parents collect their children is a hazard as parents double park on both sides of the road and children walk across the road without looking. There is one designated wheelchair space and no bus space. On 12/03/12 the then Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn announced that St Paul's Secondary School Monasterevin was to be one of 219 new schools to be built over 5 years as part of a €2 billion capital investment programme. Our school was due to go to construction in 2015/2016. The project has been plagued with delays over waste water, drainage issues, traffic lights etc etc. We have recently been informed that construction is due to begin in quarter 3 of 2019 a full 4 years from the original construction date. The project is currently running almost 3 years behind schedule and we need the Minister to exercise his ministerial function and direct the Department of Education to progress this vital school project without further delay.
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    Created by Monasterevin Action Committee
  • Education Equality: don't teach religion during school hours
    It’s horribly unfair that children not of the right religion – that’s the Catholic religion in 90% of primary schools in Ireland - are segregated and excluded in our taxpayer-funded schools. Religious patrons control the vast majority of schools in Ireland. The solution is simple: any religious faith formation in our taxpayer-funded schools should take place outside school hours. This respects the religious freedom of everyone - who could object to that? From four years of age, children who are not of the right religion sit separately in the classroom during the daily 30-minute period of religious faith formation, segregated from the rest of the class doing non-curriculum busywork while their friends come together for lessons, to sing songs and so on. This is the fate these children will face every day of their primary school lives. Every. Single. Day. The situation is far worse during communion and confirmation years as days and weeks are lost to sacramental preparation. Ireland has a blind spot when it comes to religious discrimination. Just imagine if we segregated children in school on one of the other grounds that are prohibited by law, such as race, nationality or ethnic origin. It's unthinkable, right? So why should we accept religious discrimination in our schools? The Constitution forbids religious discrimination and sets out the explicit right “to attend a school receiving public money without attending religious instruction”. But the State does absolutely nothing to uphold this right. Not only are children made to feel different and unwanted within the classroom but they absorb every word of the lesson anyway, thus undermining the child’s right not to receive religious instruction. It's almost as though parents are supposed to just shut up and be happy that their children got a place at school. But we do not want children to be grudgingly tolerated at the local school – we want them to be treated equally. A state's education system provides an extraordinary opportunity to shape young minds, foster independent thought, challenge inherited institutional structures and influence the development of society for generations. Is religious difference really what we want to reinforce in our children throughout their school years? Is the State doing its job by allowing this to happen? We say ‘no’ on both counts – and we believe that many other parents and fellow-citizens throughout Ireland feel the same way. Please feel free to contact us at info@educationequality.ie if you would like to share your story as part of this campaign.
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    Created by Paddy Monahan
  • Support the Sex Education Bill
    The Sex Education Bill will deliver: Factual, objective and scientific sex education for all schools regardless of religious ethos Consent and sexual harassment issues being part of the curriculum LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education Sex education that is not gender normative and teaches about all genders Education on abortion in factual and objective way Education on all forms of contraception
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    Created by Adam Dudley
  • Demand full rights for people with disabilities in Ireland - add your voice
    After an 11-year delay, the Government recently took the final steps towards ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. However, it turns out that the government has for now abandoned its pledge to at the same time ratify a key protocol that goes along with the Convention. The protocol gives people with disabilities a real chance to achieve their rights in cases where the government is failing them. The protocol allows groups or individuals to make complaints to the UN to ensure the government does what it says it will do. This government has effectively turned its back on 640,000 people with disabilities in this State by failing to ratify this protocol.
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    Created by Róisín Shortall Picture
  • Scrap the unfair €450 fee for Supplemental Exams
    Our University should put the welfare of students at the center of everything that it does. We need a freeze on fees for all students and affordable rental options. We are a collective of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Trinity College Dublin who can no longer stand by and watch the commodification of our education. Last month, in a referendum held by TCDSU 82% of students voted strongly against the implementation of Supplemental Fees. The College Board decided to ignore the voice of the students, and implement Supplemental Fees at a flat rate of €450. Last year, College signed the Student Partnership Agreement, which promises to promote democracy and ensure that students are stakeholders in decisions that College make. Trinity’s decision to introduce supplemental exam fees is evidence of their continuing disregard for students, their opinions, and their welfare. Please sign this petition to show your support of the #TakeBackTrinity campaign. If you are a Trinity student or staff, please sign with your tcd.ie address If you are not please use your preferred email address. We thank you for your support!
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    Created by TCD Students Union
  • Build our new school now! (Naas Community College)
    A crisis is looming in the Naas area, in terms of families securing second level places. Unless this school is rapidly progressed, that looming crisis will become a reality. Naas & its environs are in dire need of the ASD classes that are part of the plans for this school. The school is currently at Stage 2B of the building process & has been awaiting Department of Education & Skills (DES) sanction to move to Stage 3 since November 2017. If sanction is given immediately, the earliest time construction can start, following the tender process, is January 2019. The construction phase will take a minimum of eighteen months so the earliest possible time that this school will be completed will be August 2020. As you are aware, Naas Community College (NCC) is currently located in a shared building with Naas Community National School. NCC will have circa 400 students in 2018/2019 academic year & circa 520 in the 2019/2020 academic year. This will mean that the Craddockstown building will be far in excess of its capacity during 2019/2020. The site will not be able to sustain the 2 schools during the 2020/2021 academic year. It is essential that the construction of NCC is completed by August 2020, and for that to have any chance of happening, DES sanction to move to Stage 3 must be granted by the end of February 2018.
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  • To build a Swimming Pool in Lusk, Co Dublin.
    The population of Lusk and also it's surrounding area's is growing at a rapid pace and therefore it is imperative to facilitate this growth. A swimming pool would not only bring some much needed investment and also ease the pressure of unemployment but also facilitate the area for our children to enjoy. The Lusk Sports Hub 2020 is a fantastic new project that will bring a multiple of new sporting facilities to the area with the exception of a hugely required swimming pool. In addition, the erection of the Lusk Sports Hub, Lusk will become the epicentre of sporting facilities for the surrounding areas and therefore a swimming pool is a necessity and not just a requirement. Swimming is not only a life saving technique that everyone should be taught from a young age, but it is also an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience for the old and young, whether it’s for ones mental health, fitness, leisure or play everyone can enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool. Kind regards, LSP.
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    Created by Ian Gregan
  • Ireland Ban Boiling Lobsters Alive
    We as humans have a responsibility to ensure that animals do not have to endure unnecessary pain. Lobsters can be held in storage tanks with their claws bound for up to a year before being purchased by the end consumer only to be boiled alive in scalding water. It can take up to 3 minutes for a lobster/crab to die in this most horrific way. There is plenty of scientific evidence now available to support the fact that lobsters feel pain and there is absolutely no need for them to die in such a horrifying and inhumane way. Let us put a stop to this forever.
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    Created by Crusty Love Picture
  • Speak-Up Boxes for Schools
    Too many of our children and teenagers are self-harming and dying by suicide, many of whom have reached out to their peers, many of whom are being bullied by others. Irish Millie Tuomey aged 11 killed herself after announcing to friends that she wanted to die, Darren Hughes 17 from Balbriggan and Gabriella Green aged 12 died also killed themselves after they were cyberbullied. Our children and teenagers often find it easier to talk to friends instead of their parents but these friends are often unequipped to help. Some kids want to tell an adult that they are worried about someone but they don't want their friend knowing they betrayed their trust and often are just afraid to get involved in case they get bullied too so they stay quiet and say nothing. Often kids themselves want to tell a teacher that they are dealing with bullying, suicide thoughts, self-harm or abuse but they find it too hard to reach out and are often afraid that it will get worse if the bullies find out they told. By introducing "Speak-up" boxes, it allows the children and teenagers to anonymously tip off the teachers that one of their classmates are in harm's way and may need support. This allows the teachers and parents to put in the necessary supports. The person themselves that is being bullied can make an anonymous report about themselves without fear that the bullies will know they went to a teacher as anybody could have reported it. These "Speak up" boxes should be in all schools, in bathrooms, common areas and easily accessed. There should also be a way to "speak up" online also anonymously without fear of repercussion. Enough of our children and teens have suffered long-lasting damage because they were dealing with these issues alone. We need the Minister of Education and the Schools to be pro-active instead of reactive in reaching out to make it easier for their classmates to speak up without fear of consequence. We are thankfully getting to an age where "whistleblowing" and "speaking up" is seen as brave and right and no-longer tell-tattling or troublemaking. We need to pass this message onto our children and teens to protect them from harm's way.
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    Created by Leona O'Callaghan
  • Support for Kids Korner preschool in Droimneach
    2006 saw a lot of new housing estates built in Bweeng with no amenities for the people moving into these estates. A childcare facility was to be built but builders never built it. The estate was left unfinished after the recession and Nama had control of the estate. They put in for planning to change the childcare facility to two houses. Now estate Is finished with 80 houses and no provision for Early years service.
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    Created by Linda Browne
  • Secure the future of Tramore Educate Together National School
    Every parent should be able to send their child to a school where they feel they will get the best possible start in life. In the town of Tramore there are three denominational primary schools. The Educate Together is the only multi-denominational primary school, however if the Department's recent decision to downgrade the school to 'half stream' status is implemented, the school will only be able to accept 13 students every year. This in a town with a population of over 10,000 people. The Educate Together ethos supports children's moral and spiritual development and teaches children about different belief systems. Everyone takes part and no one has to opt out. Due to the dedication and hard-work of the Principal and teachers of Educate Together in Tramore, places for the school are in very high demand. The Department's decision is taking away the option for parents of all faiths and none to educate their children in a school which reflects their equality based ethos. That this can be allowed happen in 2018 is a scandal. We call on the D.E.S. to reverse their unwarranted decision and allow Tramore Educate Together to grow to full capacity to serve the children of Tramore into the future. This will give the people of Tramore the educational choice that they were promised after the 2012 plebiscite on school patronage.
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    Created by Gráinne Kearley