• Save Marian College Swimming Pool
    Did you learn to swim in Marian College Swimming Pool? Generations of local children and adults alike have been using this unique facility in the heart of Dublin 4 since the early 1960's. Marian has played a key role in helping our communities fitness and wellbeing. We believe that the time is now to maintain and build upon its importance and outreach. Securing a better society where community, social interaction, exercise and education are at the heart of our daily lives. We would like to be assured that there is a plan in place to re-open in the not too distant future. Our entire community is in danger of losing the swimming pool forever, if nothing is done. This petition serves to show how much support and goodwill exist to you the board of management, together with your dedicated staff. Who have the knowledge to plan a safe reopening of this much needed facility. Please show your support to Save Marian Swimming pool from closure , before it is gone forever.
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  • Help our Gaelscoil in Ballincollig find a permanent home
    Ballincollig multi-denominational Gaelscoil, Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin, seeks a permanent site to help meet the needs of our children and future students in Ballincollig. We are so proud of all that we have achieved as a school in a temporary site, however our children deserve a permanent site in the area that can see us put down roots to help us grow. With this growth, we can meet the needs of an ever expanding population and carry on our work on a larger and more sustainable scale. We are a resourceful school, and we are mindful of the ongoing cost associated with being in a temporary location. The school currently rents its accommodation but a permanent building for our much needed school is a much better use of our taxpayers’ money. The demand from young families in the area for multi-denominational gaelscoil places cannot be fully met due to the temporary and limited nature of the current location. The Board of Management is very grateful to Ballincollig Rugby club for its support in accommodating the growth of the school to this point. We hope the people of Ballincollig will support is in our quest to acquire a permanent site! Please sign this petition and share it far and wide to help us.
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  • Cabhraigh linn ! Help us find a permanent site for our Gaelscoil in Ballincollig!
    Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin, Ballincollig has been waiting for 5 years for a permanent site. We need the help of our community to highlight the urgency around this issue. Our children and the wider community require a permanent site for Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin to meet the needs of the current students and families in the area. We hope you will support us with your signature and sharing of our petition. Tá Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin ag fanacht le láithreán buan don scoil le cúig bhliain anois. Tá cabhair an phobail ag teastáil chun ár n-imní faoin moill seo a chur in iúl don Roinn Oideachais. Tá foirgneamh buan tuillte ag ár bpáistí agus a muintir. Táimid ag súil go dtacóidh tú linn agus ár n-achainí. Aside from the pressing matter of securing sibling places at the school, the protracted wait time in acquiring a site has hampered the ability of the school to serve the wider population in the local community, many of whom are keenly awaiting an opportunity to enroll their children in the school. The present temporary accommodation, rented at a huge cost to the Department of Education and the taxpayer, will not cater for the growing enrolment in the area. Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin has been on the Department of Education building programme since its establishment in 2017 but no progress has been made in acquiring a site for a permanent building. The school currently has 118 students, it is growing rapidly and increases in physical size each year to cater for the new incoming class. Bíonn an-éileamh ar áiteanna sa scoil gach bliain. Tá Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin lonnaithe faoi láthair i bhfoirgneamh ar chíos ollmhór don Roinn Oideachais. Cé go bhfuil an scoil ar chlár tógála na Roinne ó 2017 níl láithreán buan ceannaithe go fóill don scoil. Tá 118 dalta ag freastal ar an scoil atá ag dul i méid gach bliain le rang eile. Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin is a vibrant and developing Multidenominational Gaelscoil with a thriving music and violin programme, a keen focus on sport, a passionate faculty, and a reputation for excellence that has driven huge demand for places from families in the community of Ballincollig since its inception. Is scoil bheoga, ilchreidmheach í Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin atá ag forbairt. Cuirtear clár ceoil den scoth, ceachtanna veidhlín san áireamh, ar fáil. Leagtar an-bhéim ar chúrsaí spóirt agus is le dúthracht a thugtar faoi gach gné den churaclam. Dá bhrí sin tá éileamh thar na bearta ar áiteanna ó mhuintir na háite. School Principal, Máire Uí Shé is hopeful that a permanent site will see the long-term vision and potential of the school realised, “to continue to enable the dedicated school community to provide each pupil in our care with an excellent all-Irish primary education which promotes the holistic development of each child and enables him/her to become bilingual and attain high achievement levels in all areas of the curriculum. We are committed to nurturing the school as a caring learning community for children, their parents and staff in a welcoming, happy, safe and stimulating environment. Ní neart go cur le chéile. ” Is Gaelscoil Ilchreidmheach í Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin. Tá Príomhoide na scoile, Máire Uí Shé an-dóchasach go gcuirfí fís na scoile I gcrích agus láithreán buan a cheannach " chun bun Oideachas lán-Gaelach den chéad scoth a chur ar fáil do gach dalta chun forbairt iomlán an linbh a chur chun cinn agus le cur ar a c(h)umas bheith dhátheangach agus ardchaighdeán a bhaint amach i ngach achar den churaclam. 'Sé ár n-aidhm an scoil a chothú mar phobal foghlama ina dtugtar aire do na páisrí, dá dtuismitheoirí agus don bhfoireann I dtimpeallacht fháilteach, shona, shábháilte agus spreagúil." Parents and management are calling on the Department of Education to expedite the acquisition of the site without further delay. Tá tuismitheoirí agus Bainistíocht na scoile ag impí ar an Roinn Oideachais láithreán buan a cheannach don scoil gan mhoill. We appreciate the help of the people of Ballincollig in helping us by signing and sharing this petition. Is mór againn cabhair mhuintir Bhaile an Chollaigh agus an achainí seo a leanas a shíniú agus a roinnt le bhur gcairde. Please share widely with your circle Go raibh míle maith agaibh!
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  • The Hamilton Way
    Dunsink Observatory in Dublin 15 was built in 1785 and is a unique part of the scientific and cultural heritage of Ireland. It has been home to many of Ireland’s greatest scientists, including Sir William Rowan Hamilton, and has played an important part in astronomical discovery and public engagement in Ireland for over two centuries. The observatory currently receives about 5,000 visitors per year, but access to the observatory is limited via Dunsink Lane. We therefore propose a ~450 metre foot and cycle route to the observatory from the top of Dunsinea Lane (at Phoenix FC/Priorstown House gates). The Hamilton Way would transform access to the observatory and open it up to many more visitors from Ashtown, the Royal Canal, Tolka Valley Park and the Phoenix Park. Learn more about the Hamilton Way at https://www.dunsink.dias.ie/hamiltonway/.
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  • Require universities to partially refund international tuition fees for 2020/21 due to COVID-19
    The Irish Government should care because thousands of international students studying in Ireland are going to be going into debt for an education that might not be worth the amount of money universities are asking for. Students should get the chance to experience university life in full, with access to societies, clubs, opportunities, and chances to network and develop meaningful relationships face-to-face. Many benefits of attending University have been taken away by COVID-19. There is so much more to University than the academic side.
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  • Require NUI Galway to partially refund tuition fees for 2020/21 due to Covid-19
    The UMT should care because thousands of Irish and international students studying in Galway are going to be going into debt for an education that might not be worth the amount of money the university is asking for. Students should be able to experience university life in full, with access to societies, clubs, office hours, tutoring, services, career opportunities, and the chance to network and develop meaningful relationships with professors, peers, and staff. Many benefits of attending University have been taken away by COVID-19. There is so much more to University than the academic side.
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  • Build Educational Infrastructure for South Dublin City
    It is our understanding that there have been a number of objections raised at An Bórd Pleanála to the Planning Permission that has been granted for the development of an Educational Campus on the Roslyn Park site in Sandymount Village (Application #4429/19). While some local community groups and residents have their reasons to object, as is their right and prerogative to do, we too are members of the community and want to raise our voice in support of the proposed plan as granted by Dublin City Council.
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    Created by Jessica Ryan
  • No Child Gets Left Behind - End School Bus Transport exclusion
    Current selection policy does not take into account the nuances of rural living, whereby a child can be 0.1km outside a catchment area due to a twist in the road. The current two tier system that discriminates against a child due to its eircode, with no account to the national road grid, feeder primary schools and recent increases in local population. Concessionary children are being separated from their classmates and neighbours due to current selection criteria. This causes division and hostility in rural communities. Has any consideration been given to a child’s mental health due to this outdated selection criteria? These school bus fiascos have been going on for years. Just google it. Its a time for change and that time is now. No child should get left behind.
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  • Education for All
    In the fallout of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, a subsequent economic recession and the establishment of the department of further and Higher Education, the funding crisis of Higher education continues to roar on in an age of soaring rents, poor working conditions for academic staff , inadequate student supports and the highest fees in Europe. Students are hungry for change, and this campaign seeks to earn it. Our demands are for the government to commit to and representatives to support a series of commitments outlined in our pledge... 1. An end to the student contribution charge of €3000, the highest in the EU. 2.An end to the study now pay later and earn and learn policies and a move toward publicly funded education at the heart of government policy. 3.A publicly financed student accommodation building strategy and charter for student tenant rights. 4. A reform of student supports across the island that match the cost of being a student in the new decade. 5. A plan to address the crisis in Irish creative institutions. 6. An end to precarious working conditions for academic staff
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  • Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre
    Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre has entered into liquidation jeopardising the continued learning of thousands in North Wexford. As the only public swimming facility providing lessons in the Gorey area it has been a vital amenity for the provision of swimming lessons for children and adults alike. The associated health benefits with regular exercise are widely accepted, for some the Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre is their only outlet for regular exercise. Whether it’s swimming, aqua aerobics or using the gym, the loss of the facility will be keenly felt by people of all ages and abilities within the surrounding communities. In a seaside area the loss of year-round swimming lessons to the local communities could result in a fear of using our beautiful beaches and the various offerings that come with those, such as surfing, sailing, sea-swimming etc. and in turn a loss of income for local businesses. In the worst cases the loss of swimming lessons at an early age could lead to mortalities because of a fear of the water. We urge WCC to take these factors under consideration and to keep the Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre open by taking over the ownership and operation of the facility. Please share and use #savecourtownpool when posting on social media Thank you, Save Courtown Pool Campaign Group Members: Leah Johnston Killian Ormond Joy Redmond Nivard Rush Thelma Blehein Laura O'Gorman Supported by: Swim Club Courtown Special Olympics Club Gorey Area Surf Life Saving Sammy's Swimmers (open water) Swim Academy parents and many schools in the area
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  • Amend the Harassment & Harmful Communications Bill
    The bill was categorised by the Law Reform Commission in 2016 after focus groups of young teens identified it as a privacy issue. However on greater examination it is clear that this should fall under sexual violence laws. It is important that people who engage in image based crime should face serious implications for sharing inappropriate images without consent. Also it is important that judges and barristers should understand the full impact on victims lives from the sharing of these images, and be trained up to deal with what is a reasonably new crime, with the age of smart phones and widespread internet access.
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  • Improve Autism Services in schools
    It will help ensure autistic kids a get a sufficient and useful education, this will also give them greater independence, autonomy and allow for societal inclusion. By creating a specific curriculum that caters to their different needs and is in line with today’s world view, they will be able to teach them things that are useful to their own personal development. Increasing the sizes of classes for those with autism or building specific schools will help ensure that those who need those services can get it. Increasing SNA’s and investing more into individual child costs will also help. As increasing support will help them reach their goals better.
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    Created by REMA HAMID