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To: The Independent Review of Education in Northern Ireland

Make Integrated Education A Priority

Four school children stand in front of a sign saying Integrated Education
If integrated education is important to you - then say so!

Why is this important?

It's been 40 years since the first integrated school was started here, but in 2022 only 7.5% of schools here are integrated schools - bringing together children from all backgrounds - Catholic, Protestant and other. But there is overwhelming demand: 71% of people here believe our children should be educated together.

Stormont has commissioned a new Independent Review of Education that could change everything - but we need you to tell them integrated education matters to you so that they make recommendations to promote integrated education!

Now's your chance to speak up! Email the panel members now and tell them that you want to live in a future where all our children are educated together, promoting reconciliation.
Northern Ireland, UK

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