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To: The Irish Government

Lift hospital restrictions and allow both parents be with a sick child at same time

Please lift hospital visiting restrictions so both parents can care for and be with a sick child at the same time.

Why is this important?

Children deserve both parents to be with them when they are at their most vulnerable.
Parents have an important role in the recovery of a sick child in hospital. It's an exhausting role with monitoring and comforting the child 24/7. It's extremely difficult to do single handedly. Simple tasks like a parent needing to go to the bathroom or find food aren't possible when only one parent can be with the child at any one time. A sick child is scared and doesnt want a parent to leave for a second or may only sleep on the parent. Parents are filling a role as carers in the hospital and they deserve and are entitled to support of their partners/childs other parent to help in this extremely distressing time.

Hospital experiences even when surgical outcome is a success are extremely traumatic on both parents and the child. I can't even imagine how parents are dealing with bad news while on their own.

On October 22nd Ireland is basically reopening. You can go clubbing again but 2 vaccinated parents of a sick child can't be with the child together.

Please can you help us raise this issue for the sake of all those sick children and parents of sick children. If you have any experiences you would like to share to help others understand, please do.


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