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To: All young people in Ireland.

Support Youth Demands for Climate Justice

These demands were written by over 30+ young people all across the island of Ireland on 5 main themes - Polluters, Just Transition, Education, Biodiversity and Youth Engagement. These demands have been written for the support of our political representatives to take into their work. These demands are realistic, achievable and necessary. They are detailed below.


To our representatives,
Article 1 - Legally commit to protecting and managing at least 30% of terrestrial and marine areas by 2030, while having proof of action.
Proof of action defined by evidence of how they are protecting these areas and the steps they are following.
Potential means to achieve these goals are
Designating bigger spaces for wildlife to promote biodiversity that is connected through wildlife corridors
Reintegrate native species into areas around Ireland
Conserve biodiversity that already exists and police protected areas
Increasing the amount of connectivity in Natura 2000 sites
Increase in marine protected areas and policing

Article 2 - The government must present more SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed) goals with effective policies that are clear, direct, adequately funded, law enforceable and linked across all departments on biodiversity conservation objectives and are managed appropriately.
The government must also take accountability for failing to achieve the goals that they have previously agreed to (COP10 Japan targets etc etc)

Article 3 - Educate and incentivise farmers and fishers to use more sustainable practices and promote biodiversity on their land and through their fishing methods.
These methods may include the following
Providing incentives to plant more flora/ native plants on land
Encourage them to not use pesticides, instead promoting biodiversity in their area that acts as natural pesticides.
Rewilding parts of the land to what originally was there
Increased transparency in bycatch and net usage.
Tax breaks or direct payments for those who follow these guidelines.
Add strict quotas to livestock numbers and fishing numbers


To our representatives,
Article 1 - Incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the primary and secondary school curriculum.
Schools participation should be audited with recognition provided for schools showing adequate understanding and application of the goals.

Article 2 - Implement intersectional climate, environmental, and sustainability education within the curriculum as a compulsory subject.
Incorporate within all existing subjects throughout primary and secondary levels of education
Inclusive of teacher training which is audited to ensure successful implementation.

Article 3 - Community outreach projects funded by the government and delivered through schools.
This will enable students to educate their peers and their wider community to promote tangible climate action.

Just Transition
DISCLAIMER: For all of these demands, the local communities should be consulted to work with them as society makes these vital changes.

To our representatives,
Article 1 - Ensure a just transition for all
Potential means to achieve this goal are;
Ensure that when polluting industries/factories shut/retire workers are offered retraining opportunities for high quality jobs in clean sectors and adequate support schemes for workers in secondary industries in the affected region(s).
Create local forums that include councillors, union reps, and community leaders to discuss the future of the region(s) that have lost revenue/capital over the loss of a polluting industry.
Fund and empower farmers, fishermen and other workers on how to change the way they work to better include sustainable practices.

DISCLAIMER: For all of these demands, the local communities should be consulted to work with them as society makes these vital changes.

To our representatives,
Article 1 - Phase out fossil fuels
Potential means to achieve this goal are
End subsidies for fossil fuels and fossil fuel projects and provide more subsidies for clean energy
Protect the ban on fracking licences and oil and gas explorations
Make environmental laws stricter
Criminalise ecocide
Actively work toward reducing our fast fashion consumption as an Island.
Taxes and bans on fashion corporations who aren’t doing their bit to ethically source materials and operate in an environmentally friendly way.

Article 2 - Greener transport for all
Potential means to achieve this goal are
Public transport powered by green energy for rural areas.

Article 3 - Sustainable & small scale agriculture
Potential means to achieve this goal are
Drastically reduce our CO2/GHG output by having less cows, but raising the price of meat so farmers make the same profit.
More of a focus on plant based food, like growing crops without pesticides.

Why is this important?

The more young people who sign in support, the more we can pressure our decision makers to implement these demands.

How it will be delivered

On the 23rd, we will invite TDs and MLAs to meet with their constituents and discuss the concerns and demands they have risen. We will then ask them to sign onto the demands as a promise to hold themselves accountable to their youth constituents and promise their constituents that you will bring forth those demands into your work as their elected representatives.
Throughout the year, we will also be holding youth assemblies on these 5 themes.


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