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To: You and your circle of contacts.

Pledge to Put Children First: End Orphanage Care

Help us end orphanage volunteering and change how children are cared for. Sign the Pledge and explore our campaign page to see how you can help:

Why is this important?

Institutional care is harmful to children and orphanage volunteering puts children at increased risk. There is a growing global movement working to transform the way we care for children. Care leavers and child protection experts, disability advocates, faith-based and community organisations have come together to better support families and other caregivers so that children can grow up in a family and community where they belong, instead of being placed into institutions.

You can support this global care reform movement by making a pledge that you will neither promote nor engage in volunteering and/or visits to institutions for children.

You can also pledge to further educate yourself and people around you about the harm caused by orphanage volunteering and institutions and to only support volunteering opportunities that put the best interests and wellbeing of children and families first.



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