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To: Minister Stephen Donnelly, Dept of Health, Taoiseach, HSE...

Fully staff Long-Covid multidisciplinary Clinics Nationwide including neurology in each clinic ASAP

Campaign created by
Miriam Cullen

* Fully staff multidisciplinary Long Covid Clinics including a neurologist in each clinic .
* Recognize Long Covid as an occupational illness
* Hold information for LC sufferers on a central data base.
* Put GP guidelines in place.

Why is this important?

The current HSE plan for Long Covid medical support (MoC) is inadequate. We need the proposed clinics to be fully operational ASAP with a neurologist available in each clinic.
Please click on the map of Ireland and you will see the location of clinic locations nationwide.
I am campaigning together with Joan Collins TD & many fellow-Long Covid patient-advocates in Ireland. Thousands of people are suffering every day. Long Covid doesn’t discriminate, it can affect anyone at any time. Please take a second to sign our petition, help us to help you!


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