• Child benefit for all in school
    With schools pushing for children to start school later through enrolment policies and lots of schools making transition year mandatory, more and more 18 and even 19 year olds are still in school for Leaving Cert. Losing child benefit at age 18 automatically is unfair in the most expensive school year.
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    Created by Brigid Lyons
  • West Kerry Native Irish Speakers
    Preservation of our beautiful native tongue which has been denied and destroyed for centuries needs to be prioritised by supporting native Irish speakers to live in West Kerry.
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    Created by Pol MacCoinnich
  • Calling on Bank of Ireland to reverse the decision to delete the ATM Irish Language Option
    The decision of the Bank of Ireland to delete their ATM Irish Language Option devalues the Irish language. There are tens of thousands of Irish speakers and hundreds of thousands of Irish people who greatly value the Irish language as part of their identity. As customers we have great purchasing power and with our purchasing decisions we can effect great change in how private companies engage with us. Is céim siar agus léiriú dímheasa ar an nGaeilge an cinneadh fáil réidh lei ó na UBManna Banc na hÉireann. Tá an earnáil baincéireachta go dona maidir le héascaíocht a dhéanamh do Ghaeilgeoirí an teanga a úsáid. Tá sé do-dhéanta ráitis a fháil, baincéireacht ar líne a dhéanamh nó seirbhís custaiméara a fháil trí Ghaeilge in áit ar bith. Bhí Banc na hÉireann go sainiúil ag déanamh iarrachta tacú leis an nGaeilge agus í a chur ar fáil mar theanga roghnach sna UBManna. Bhí fíorbheagáin costais i gceist le seo, d’fhreastail sé ar riachtanais teanga na mílte duine agus thug sé deis don bhanc meas a léiriú ar chuid lárnach dár bhféiniúlacht. Faraor, tá an Banc ag cúlú siar ar an rogha theanga seo a chur ar fáil – cé gur rud beag a bhí ann, bhí sé luachmhar. Ní chuireann an earnáil phríobháideach an Ghaeilge nó cearta teanga san áireamh in aon chor agus ní inghlactha an scéal é. Nuair a chuirtear an Ghaeilge san áireamh i gcúrsaí brandála, margaíochta agus seirbhís custaiméara ag an earnáil phríobháideach, téann sé seo i bhfeidhm ar an bpobal i gcoitinne. Leis an gcinneadh is déanaí atá déanta ag Banc na hÉireann, tá díluacháil ar an dteanga á dhéanamh acu. An mbeidh an tseirbhís seo ar fáil sna ceantair Gaeltachta nó na Bailte Seirbhíse Gaeltachta cosúil leis an nGaillimh? Tá sé seo ag cur isteach ar na hiarrachtaí atá ar bun ag an bpobal agus an rialtas an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn mar theanga laethúil sna ceantair Gaeltachta agus ar fud an stáit. Is iomaí fadhb tubaisteach a bhí ag na bainc le deich mbliana anuas. Bhí ar shaoránaigh an Stáit seo teacht i dtarrtháil orthu. Is é is lú dóibh a dhéanamh ná rogha theanga a thabhairt dóibh ionas go mbeidh siad in ann cumarsáid a dhéanamh i cibé acu dár dteanga náisiúnta gur mhian leo. “Mar Chathaoirleach ar An Euro Gaelach, táim ag tathant ar dhaoine a gcuid míshástachta a léiriú maidir leis an gcinneadh seo agus picéadú a dhéanamh ag a mbrainse áitiúil de Bhanc na hÉireann, Dé hAoine, an 1ú Mean Fómhair idir a 1:30pm agus 2:30pm."
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    Created by An Euro Gaelach Picture
  • Return Gaeilge Option to BOI ATMs
    For many years, this Irish language option has been a very welcome addition to banking services in this country and it’s removal shows very little regard for those who use the Irish language daily and live in Gaeltacht areas. The latest Census figures tell us that 190,276 people speak Irish every week. Initiatives like being able to take out cash as Gaeilge are a novel way of inserting the Irish language into your daily life.
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    Created by Aodhán Ó Ríordáin Picture
  • Give Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Ass a seat on the Rural Development Programme EU Monitoring Comm
    The INHFA represent over 30,000 farmers in the West of Ireland. As they have no seat on any of the decision making committee, these farmer have no voice on these committees, which decides the future of farming and rural life in Ireland.
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    Created by Siobhan Ward
  • Improved Internet for Three Ireland Customers in Donegal
    Donegal is a county which is deprived and often neglected by the Government and by corporations. As customers of Three Ireland we feel we deserve the same service as those in other areas who are charged the same rates for better quality internet. We ask that Three Ireland improve the quality of their internet for their customers in Donegal. We'd also like Three to make it clear once and for all as to to whether there is upgrade work being done in the county and when do they expect the work to be completed. Finally we ask for a reduction in the rates until such a time as we in Donegal receive the same standard of service as those in areas with high quality internet.
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    Created by Gary Gamble
  • Dublin City Council, stop using RoundUp
    Dublin City Council are rumoured to be very close to banning glyphosate - the toxic chemical found in Monsanto's RoundUp weedkiller. If hundreds of us sign this petition, it might give them the push to finally stop using glyphosate.
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  • Hold a Competition For A New Rebel Flag
    After the attacks in America by racists wielding the confederate flag, it's important that Irish sports fans don't seem to be endorsing the racism long associated with the confederate flag. But, Cork's history as the rebel county should be celebrated, and this is a great opportunity to do it!
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  • Stop privatisation of Dublin's bus routes
    This kind of privatisation has been tried in many cities across Europe and beyond and it always results in sub-standard services or higher prices for those whose transport needs lie on unprofitable routes. As an economist I implore Ms. Graham to rethink this plan. Improve Dublin Bus instead.
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    Created by Tony Phillips
  • R128 Road Closure Kilbush Lane to Palmer Road Rush
    The current proposal is to close the R128 from Kilbush Lane to Palmer Road from 4th September to 24th November. This results in cancellation of the 33 bus service through Rush to Skerries and instead implementation of a shuttle bus service, the details of which are unclear. This affects all people relying on public transport to work, to get kids to schools and will cause massive disruption and inconvenience. The only other access road will be via Palmer Road which is unlit and already in an appalling state and not capable of supporting the levels of through traffic this road closure will cause.
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    Created by Fiona Kehoe
  • Student signatures to support a picket protest
    It is important that we get the support from our fellow students and to sign the petition and gove there student numbers so that it enables us to host a protest in regards to this shocking situation.
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    Created by Shane Greene
  • RTE Media coverage of the 24 million facing famine in East Africa
    In a world filled with excess food, 24 million people are on the brink of famine, including 1.4 million children at imminent risk of death. In the face of such grim numbers, a stark question confronts the world’s most powerful: Why in 2017 can’t they avert such a seemingly archaic and preventable catastrophe? And WHY is it not being reported by RTE, whose license I pay?
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    Created by Alice O'Connor