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To: The government

Stop Air BnB letting entire homes

To return homes to the private rental market at a reasonable price, as soon as possible.

Why is this important?

We know there is a housing crisis, however despite the country being covered in holiday homes, that were built with tax breaks, lot of apartments and family homes are being let through short term leasing agents such as Air BnB. There is talk of limiting the amount of time a property can be let, this will not return the properties to the housing market, nor will it reduce the price. If someone wants to make extra money by renting a room in their house that is fine. It should not be used to rent out homes, that were rented privately. We have tourists renting homes and families living in hotels, this needs to stop now. My son was renting one of two apartments above a shop, he was paying €110 per week, nothing fancy. They are now on Air BnB for €78 per night. This is driving up competition and prices in the private rental market.



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