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To: Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone

Scrap Commercial Rates for Childcare Providers

Help us urge the Government to scrap commercial rates on childcare facilities!

Why is this important?

Independent childcare providers across Ireland face unfairly high levels of commercial rates on their business properties.

Early Education and Childcare (EEC) is not the same—and cannot be treated the same—as other commercial enterprises. In many cases, independent EEC providers are administering and delivering publicly funded services, provided for under public sector schemes, but do not benefit from public sector tax rating.

A level playing field where all EEC providers are exempt would ultimately benefit the State and the wider economy. The removal of commercial rates would enable these businesses to remain financially viable and provide an essential, quality service to children and their parents.

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone has recently called for cuts to rates for childcare facilities. Furthermore, we note the decision by the Welsh and Scottish Governments to exempt nurseries and crèches from commercial business rates in their respective countries.

Seas Suas wholeheartedly supports these actions and now petitions the Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe to follow suit here in Ireland.

For us to make a difference, we need your voice in support. Help us alleviate the immense pressures on Ireland’s childcare system by signing our petition to Minister Donohoe and Minister Zappone, urging them to scrap commercial rates on EEC facilities in Budget 2019.




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