To: Department of Education

Provision of Objective Sex and Relationship Education

Provision of Objective Sex and Relationship Education

We urge the Government to provide objective, comprehensive, and secular sex and relationship education

Why is this important?

In our work in Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, we see the often life-long consequences of the trauma and harm caused by sexual violence of all kinds. We also know from our experience that some of this harm results from a lack of knowledge around how to engage in healthy intimate relationships.
A 2018 survey conducted by the Irish Second Level Student Union revealed over 87.5% of students did not have regular Relationship or Sexuality Education. This means the majority of Irish students are not learning about sexual consent, gender diversity, sexual orientation, contraception, or sexual health. We believe our education system can do better, and that the Government has a responsibility to look after the social, emotional and sexual development of young people.


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