• Allow pets in all apartment complexes
    Many people are struggling to find suitable accommodation with their pets and some are even forced to give up their much loved pets. Let's do what the French do. Allow our cats and dogs etc. to live with us.
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    Created by Suzanne Tee
  • Support South Dublin County Councils' ban on Data Centers.
    On the 9th of March, a motion to ban the building of further data centres in the constituency was put forward by Cllr Madeleine Johansson of People Before Profit and passed with the support of Sinn Fein, Social Democrats and several independent councillors. There are several reasons councillors voted to ban further Data centres in the region: Ireland currently holds 25% of Erops Data centres and South Dublin is quickly becoming the Data centre hub of Ireland with TikTok set to build one of the biggest Data Centres in Europe in Clondalkin which would use up the same amount of energy in one day then the whole of Clondalkin in three months. It is estimated that 10% of Ireland’s electricity use is currently consumed by data centres and this is expected to increase to 25-30% by 2030. Data centres consume an average of 2% of electricity globally. The continued building of new data centres is incompatible with any hope we have of reaching our climate targets in CO2 reductions. It is clear from EirGrid’s initial statement in late 2021 that the grid in Dublin is struggling to cope, something more data centres would put a further strain on. In addition to the large amount of energy used by data centres they also consume large amounts of water, again adding pressure on the capacity of water services in South Dublin where we are seeing large new housing developments. Despite the motion passing however, there is now an attempt to overturn this decision. Councillors will vote again on this on the 21st June when it will be either included in the plan or removed. After that it will be sent to the Minister for Local Government Darragh O'Brien. We need the Minister and the government to support the democratic vote of local councillors and keep the ban in place. Please sign the petition.
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    Created by Sadhbh Mac Lochlainn
  • Family Carers deserve better
    Family Carers save the government thousands of Euro per year and should be recognised more for their 24 hour work
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    Created by Áinéad NiMurchú
    The Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael and Green government have missed their own deadline on the publication of a second report that was expected to outline the targets for the nationwide delivery of services. We are calling on people to contact their local government TDs and Minister Helen McEntee to urge the release of this report and provide actionable timelines for the delivery of a refuge that can provide wraparound services, in Carlow and the 8 other counties without one. Now that the issue has fallen out of public focus the government has dropped the ball, but we won’t stand for it. The Government has failed us for too long on domestic violence, we need to hold them to account on their deadlines. Ireland is currently providing less than 30% of the places recommended under the Istanbul Convention. The Government must increase the number of refuge places needs to be increased by at least 350. There are 9 counties with no refuge in Ireland. Campaigners in Carlow have been calling since 2017 and have been consistently stonewalled by the Government. Tusla has still not made any contact with Carlow Council on the provision of a refuge despite a statement from Government in February saying this would happen. Everyday, women and children are being turned away and forced to choose between homelessness and returning to their abuser and staying in abusive relationships for fear of homelessness. We cannot wait, demand action now!
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    Created by 9 Counties No Refuge Campaign
  • Insurance Help For Thatched Cottages
    Thatched houses are an essential part of Irish heritage and as such they need to be cherished for the future. Without insurance how can they be protected? And how can young people purchase them when house insurance is essential before drawing down a mortgage?
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    Created by Mary Mc Donnell
  • stop the needless culling of fish !
    fisheries ,lakes ,rivers ,canals across ireland are being targeted by these so called fishermen , they do not care about how many fish they kill or how they kill them , quite often the fish are just left on the bank to die or thrown into hedgerows and ditches , this sort of cruelty could see our sport come under the spotlight of anti bloodsport organisations as well as the damage it can cause to the eco systems of our waters . predator fish eat diseased and sickly fish ,this stops the spread of disease to other fish and helps keep our waters healthy , its a natural way for waters to deal with disease and over breeding of fish stocks , killing these predators disturbs that balance and throws the ecosystem out of kilter
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    Created by Eric Davies
  • Equity for Trainee Psychologists!
    Psychology graduates who wish to become professional practicing psychologists are met with a number of barriers. Firstly, there are not enough programs for these students. Secondly, for those who are lucky enough to find a program, it is close to impossible to fund it. Currently, trainee educational and counselling psychologists must self-fund their doctoral program and pay up to €14,000 per year in college tuition fees. Thirdly, when this has been brought to the Government of Ireland it has not been heard and these issues have not been addressed.
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    Created by Jordan McDonnell
  • Remove plastic bags by 2028
    To ensure the future of the planet and allow us to sustain
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    Created by YES CENTRE Clondalkin
  • We need affordable childcare
    Childcare costs are the main reason Ireland has one of the lowest labour force participation rates among women in the developed world. 'The working poor ' reported the two main costs negatively impacting their welfare: housing and childcare. Fix even one of these and life would be better for all families in Ireland
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    Created by Childcare Change
  • Free Vitamin D supplement for children under 4
    Babies cannot safely get the vitamin D they need from the sun and they need vitamin D because: -between 0 to 12 months babies grow very quickly and have a greater need for vitamin D to form strong bones. -Research shows that vitamin D plays an important role in helping the immune system. It may help prevent diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, MS (multiple sclerosis) and some forms of cancer. -African, Afro-Caribbean, Middle-Eastern or Indian parents are more likely to have babies with low levels of vitamin D.
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    Created by Karen Anne Byrne
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    Created by Sean Mc Hugh
  • Release Noah,s files
    This could be anyone of our sons nephews grandsons. We need to know our children are safe on the streets
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    Created by Angela Grogan