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To: Dee Forbes, RTE Director General and Board

Get off the fence - RTE policy on climate change

We call on RTE to follow the example of the BBC and issue editorial guidelines on climate change reporting IN LINE WITH THE SCIENCE as a matter of urgency.

Why is this important?

Climate Change is accepted as an existential threat to the the planet and humanity. It affects us all and underpins every issue we fight for. The recent IPCC Report on 1.5°C is unequivocal: time is running out. Media in general and public service broadcasters in particular have a critical role to play in supporting public understanding of this issue and the transition to a low carbon future. Despite this, broadcasters still often obscure facts in the pursuit of so called "balance". In September 2018 the BBC became the first major broadcaster to implemented clear editorial guidelines to address this. We now call on RTE to issue a clear editorial policy in line with the science, in line with its public service mandate.


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