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To: Galway City & County Councils

Provide public water filling stations & water fountains in Galway

Install water fountains and filling stations throughout Galway, which would encourage re-use and re-filling of water bottles and provide free and safe drinking water to the public.
We are requesting that the Councils identify pilot locations in areas of high pedestrian footfall, and examine the costs and best ways to implement the scheme.

Why is this important?

There are both health and financial benefits with the scheme. Small practical steps like this will save money, reduce the use of plastics and improve our environment. It is the first of many, and a small practical step to stem the tide of single use plastics & therefor plastic pollution, and of course provide free and safe drinking water in areas of high pedestrian footfall such as Salthill Promenade and our various parks.

Unlike many European countries, Ireland took explicit ownership of natural resources in its 1937 Constitution. Water, as well as the nation’s other resources, ‘belong to the State’. Since the introduction of Irish Water in 2013 the infrastructure is already in place to easily implement such a scheme if the political will is there.

Dublin city Councils are working with 'Cool Planet' with an aim to reduce the use of single-use plastics and we enourage Galway City and County Councils to follow suit. South Dublin County Council also plans to examine the provision of public water fountains by assessing suitable locations. Fingal County Council recently installed a public water fountain at Howth in an effort to reduce plastic waste and introduce water sustainability measures, a second fountain is due to be installed at Malahide Demesne.

Galway, Ireland

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