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To: National Transport Authority (NTA) & Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

Save Markievicz Pool & Gym

Save Markievicz Pool & Gym

Use an alternative location to build the Tara Metrolink station (such as where the Apollo House once stood), which does not require the demolition of the Markievicz Leisure Centre.

Why is this important?

Markievicz Leisure Centre - managed by Dublin City Council - is the only available 25m public pool in Dublin City Centre. Thousands use this public pool and gym. Local children learn to swim there.

In addition, up to 150 people could lose their homes because the apartments above the pool and 8 homes on Townsend Street will also be demolished with the current project. There is already a housing crisis in the city.

Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • The reasons are above
  • In support of other mother's trying to do the best for their children
  • I used to swim in this pool, learnt to swim in the former Tara Baths and it’s a wonderful resource for the people of Dublin especially those who do not have the money to spend on expensive gyms. It should be retained in its current form or fully replaced as part of any new development.


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