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To: Dublin City Council

Save Weaver Square Gardens & Allotments

Dublin City Council, don't bulldoze our valuable Community Garden & Family Allotments.

Why is this important?

Dublin City Council are set to bulldoze the Weaver Square Community Garden & Family Allotments from 31st December 2018.

This is a serious concern for ALL residents of Dublin 8:

1. Dublin 8 is being subjected to an onslaught of short-term, high-density property development (Hotels, student accommodation) at the expense of the existing community. Over 2000 such units have been constructed in 2018 in this district alone.

2. Dublin 8, a high-density urban community, has the lowest amount of green space per m2 in Dublin. Now it will have even less!

3. This is the latest Dublin 8 community resource lost to property development in 12 months. We have already lost Dublin Food Co-Op, Green Door Market & Flea Markets. There is also uncertainty over the future of Meath St, Liberty Market, St Theresas & now Players Wills site developments.

4. DCC are reneging on written commitments to keep the Weaver Square community garden/allotments.

5. There are alternative vacant DCC sites that could be used for development without destroying this valuable Green Space.

6. Over 300 people benefit directly from the community garden & allotments on a weekly basis. These social, health, environmental & educational benefits will stop on 31st December. The garden & allotments are used by schools, pensioners, community groups & families.

Dublin, Ireland

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