• Support Stamp 3 - Spouse/Dependent Visa Holders for the Right to Work
    We did not relocate to Ireland to lose our careers! Many highly skilled and talented non-EU professionals are forced to find jobs in other countries due to dissatisfaction among their spouses, coupled with insufficient single person income and high cost of living. Staff retention is one of the toughest challenges faced by Irish businesses in 2018. We are not demanding any special status or advantage for the spouses - only the RIGHT TO WORK AND PAY TAXES in Ireland. Stamp 3 holders are spouses/partners/dependents of non-EU Critical and General work permits holders, who relocated to Ireland with their families as they are qualified and skilled professionals. When many of our families took a decision regarding whether or not to consider relocating to Ireland, we referred to sources such as the Citizens Information website, which states “The scheme makes it easier for eligible spouses, partners and dependents to access employment”. However, a different reality hit us after relocating. Despite the level of education, professional background and years of experience, we are not considered for jobs even when we have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience for it and can bring diversity to the table. We had options but we chose Ireland. Let us Work, Integrate and Contribute! Recruiters seek only Stamp 4 and EU nationals, and discriminate against Stamp 3 holders. Most employers are not willing to wait for us to obtain a work permit after we get an offer letter, especially given that many of us have non-critical skills. They expect us to have an existing authorization to work and join in 2-3 weeks at most. It impacts our careers, our mental health and the lives of our families. Eventually, if we cannot settle here, we will be forced to take our families (Irish employed workforce) to other countries in which family integration is supported. We need a solution and your support to help us to integrate into Irish society and revive our careers!
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  • Pay Sammon Sub-contrators
    On Monday 17th July 2018 we began our picket outside the Loreto secondary school, Wexford. This action was taken as a last resort. Many sub-contractors have been left with unpaid invoices for their work and are owed significant amounts of money from Sammon Construction. This has already resulted in the loss of many jobs and has and put businesses at serious risk. We also have bills to pay and families to provide for. School children will be occupying buildings and using furniture and equipment that has not been paid for. It is essentially stolen property.
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  • Call On LloydsPharmacy to Accept Labour Court Recommendation
    LloydsPharmacy workers deserve respect from their employer. In their own words: "Employee's don't get the credit they deserve. The company are willing to see experienced staff leave rather than pay them what they deserve." "For the work, advice and care we give to our customers we are very undervalued and underpaid." "I have no guaranteed hours in my contract even though I normally work 38 hrs. We were rejected for mortgage because I have no set hours in my contract. When I asked for my hours to be put in the contract I was told it couldn't be done. I don't think that's fair." Our Mandate members do not want to be on strike, and are only taking this action as a last resort. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to the public but we ask for their understanding as our members are forced to take action. Lloyds Pharmacy refuses to engage with their trade union despite a Labour Court recommendation that stated: ‘“the Court recommends that the parties engage in order to seek agreement in relation to the matters raised by the Trade Union…’ Yet Lloyds Pharmacy management continue to ignore the Court, their members and their designated representatives. Mandate has been campaigning for improvement in working condition in LloydsPharmacy, including: • A pay increase and incremental pay scales; • The introduction of a sick pay scheme; • Security of hours and the elimination of zero hour contracts; and • Improvements in annual leave entitlements and public holiday premiums. LloydsPharmacy Ireland operates 88 stores across the Republic of Ireland with approximately 800 staff in their retail business. They are owned by the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, McKesson Corporation, which has revenues of $198.5 billion (€169 billion – more than double the annual revenue of the Irish government).
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  • Stronger legislation to prevent discrimination against mental health in workplaces
    Its important because anxiety and depression can affect one in 6 people. As one of them I want to be able to contribute positively to society. I want to be able to be able to work. I want to be able to work with an organisation where having anxiety does not mean I live in fear of loosing my job if my employer finds out. Or be discriminated from promotions or progressing in an organisation if they know I have anxiety. I want to fulfil my potential and be treated with dignity not with misunderstanding or stigma.
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  • Open Tipperary Town Library on Saturdays
    Current opening hours do not facilitate the working public- closed for an hour at lunch, closed Wednesdays and closed on saturdays. Huge money has been spent on the new facility recently opened in the Excel and the weekend footfall is huge. It’s a massive waste of a resource not to allow access on Saturdays.
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  • Minimum wage increase
    The wages paid at present in ireland are not enough to cover the rising living costs .This is simply not enough to live on, with the average weekly minimum wage income €320- €360 per week. (€9.60 per hour). The average wage needs to be set to at least €11 per hour to cover living costs and for a decent standard of living, which is our right. The wages have stayed the same for a decade in Ireland, while everything else has gone up in price considerably. The wages are completely unrealistic and anyone trying to pay rent/ mortgage/ car costs/TV licence/ utility Bills/ refuse/ WiFi/ loans,etc are stretched to the limites and having to get into further debt just to make ends meet. This is not good enough. In Ireland it is well known that the cost of living is really high and it should be met with a fair minimum wage to meet the rising living costs. We deserve better than this, and we demand an immediate review of the minimum wage to a fair and realistic one. In Scandinavian countries, where the standard of living is rated the highest in the world, the minimum wage is €25 per hour, and the working week has been decreased to 32 Hours. This means people have a good standard of living for the work they do.They are less stressed, therefore they don't need to take sick days, and their overall work productivity is higher, as they are less stressed. They can easily cover their living costs and have some kind of lifestyle, which we are entitled too. This is also really good for the economy and communitites as people will spend more, meaning there is more money circulating in communities and the economy- everybody benefits. Please help to support this campaign and share with family and friends. Something really needs to be done, and together we do have a voice.
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  • Help Temple Bar Food Market
    Temple Bar Food Market was set up 21 years ago by a group of growers and producers with a vision to bring Irish, artisan, local and high quality produce to a city centre location. These traders have committed to the market and seen it go from strength to strength over the years, with the support of customers old and new. With the dissolution of Temple Bar Cultural Trust, TBFM is now being run by Dublin City Council. Therefor Meeting House Square has gone from being private property to a public site, which requires all traders to acquire a casual trading licence to trade. Our current bye-laws were introduced by Dublin City Council on March 4th 2013. These bye-laws are now being reviewed by public consultation. Below are some of the new terms and conditions of trading. These T+Cs apply to all casual trading licences in the city - from bric a brac, to flowers, hawkers and food markets. Temple Bar Food Market is also subject to these, and clearly one size does not fit all! We are asking our customers to sign this petition in solidarity with traders to have our amendments considered and taken on board before these new bye-laws come into effect. They may seem like small insignificant details, but they have a huge impact on the running of small businesses and the food market as a whole. WHAT YOU CAN DO! Act now to help the market — sign the petition. We will include this act of support in our submission. Copy and paste our amendments below and send them as a submission with regards specifically to TBFM to casualtrading@dublincity.ie All this helps to make it clear we want the integrity of the market maintained under the hands of Dublin City Council! Deadline for submission: before 17.00 on Thursday 29th March, 2018 NEW TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRADING 1 "VACANT PITCHES Designated area trading pitch allocation policy Vacant pitches will be offered on a first come first served basis, except in the case of new areas which will be allocated by lottery." A first come first serve basis will not work for TBFM, nor a lottery system. We need a quality control measure whereby applicants need to show their high food standards. We also have a quota for hot food which is full, and so only grocery and produce based stalls should be considered until a hot food stall leaves. There has been an exception made for producers who are selling their own produce alongside a hot food offering - as this hot food offering helps to promote the product. i.e Broughgammon Butchers. Specific areas we are missing and would be welcome are: fishmonger, loose leaf tea, fermented goods 2 "PITCHES Pitch numbers according to DCC: 23" We have 22 pitches currently occupied - we have two pitches free. Therefore, the total number of pitches is 24. 4 "PRESENCE OF LICENCE HOLDER/STAFF A licence holder may nominate a maximum of two agents to assist in the operation of a designated trading stall under the following terms and conditions: (maximum now included) There may only be a maximum of two people operating the stall at any one time and each of them must be trading within one metre of the stall. (maximum now included) The licence holder must be present at all times where practicable. It is acceptable that the licence holder be absent during holiday periods or due to illness but this absence must be advised to the Casual Trading Section as soon as practically possible. Phone: 01-2222165 E-mail: casualtrading@dublincity.ie. A medical certificate is required for prolonged period of absence." Traders at TBFM would often have more than two staff members, or have rotating staff lists. It would be impractical to restrict a stall to two specific staff members or ‘agents.’ We would ask that this particular term be waived for the market. It is also impractical for the licence holder to be present at all times - with or without the excuse of illness. Many licence holders would be responsible for other markets on the same day, deliveries etc, and therefore leave their stall in the capable hands of staff. 5 "WASTE MANAGEMENT The removal of waste generated at each trading stall is the responsibility of the trader. Under the Waste Management Act 1996 traders have two options to dispose of their waste: Arrange for a private waste disposal company to do it. The trader can arrange to dispose of their waste in an alternative proper manner. Both options must comply with the Waste Management Act 1996 and relevant EU regulations/directives. Traders are reminded that when they are disposing of their waste and either fail to do so or do it in a way which infringes the Waste Management Act 1996 they are liable to be prosecuted by the local authority. Traders are also reminded of their responsibilities under the Protection of the Environment Act, 2003 and the Litter Pollution Act 1997." Currently TBFM waste disposal is organized by the management company employed by DCC. This includes public waste i.e. created by customers purchasing food at the market. This does not include personal waste, which traders already dispose of themselves. The traders would like to know who will be responsible for this public waste. The traders also wish to know if a management company will be kept in place after the introduction of the bye-laws - as much of the smooth running of the market relies on this. 6 "TRADING HOURS Saturdays Only : 7a.m.-9.45.a.m. for set up Trading hours 10 a.m.-4.30 pm. Pack up 4.30 p.m. -6.30 p.m." We would like our trading times changed to: Saturdays Only : 7a.m.-9a.m. for set up Trading hours 9 a.m.-5.00 p.m. Pack up 5.00 p.m.- 6.30 p.m. 7 "UNAUTHORISED ADS/BANNERS Attaching commercial advertisements or unauthorised banners or material to a stall is prohibited. (New)" Some traders at TBFM would use their stall as a notice board for outside events, workshops and other food related activities, both for themselves and to support others in the food industry.
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  • No Mass Harvesting of Seaweed on Coastline from Mayo to Clare
    The government is supposed to reach a decision in April 2018 on whether or not to grant a license for the right to mechanically harvest seaweed to a private Canadian company. The sale was complicated by a legality. The ownership of the right to harvest seaweed is currently under question. Traditionally local people, owned the rights to harvest seaweed and harvested it in a sustainable way. Mechanically harvesting seaweed is not environmentally sustainable and will have a serious impact on the ecology of the sea. Harvesting rights to seaweed belong to the people and should not be allowed to be sold off by the State for private profit. Seaweed is now a highly lucrative resource which should be harvested in a sustainable way for the benefit of the people of Ireland living now and for future generations.
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  • Don't cut the pay of health care staff because of the weather
    Health care staff are so important in all of our lives. They care for us and go beyond the call of duty so often. It is not their fault that the storm is causing such disruption. Telling them that they have to take unpaid leave or eat into their holidays is down right unjust and deeply uncaring.
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  • We demand our Right2Water Referendum.
    We want the people's voice to be heard respecting water and sanitation services in Ireland, and a referendum be held. Across the globe ordinary people have undergone tremendous hardship and suffering when water services are privatised. Water is a human right and must never be under the control of 'for profit' companies. Publicly owned, funded and managed water and sanitation services, free at the point of use, is the only way to guarantee access for all.
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  • We Need Fully State Funded Childcare from Birth
    Many parents, but mostly mothers, are taking the difficult decision to put their career on hold and leaving jobs they love because the cost of childcare makes working unaffordable. In the majority of cases this leaves them dependent on their spouse/partner for an income. Many are unable to fully afford the basics like rent, food and clothing until their youngest goes to school, some longer than that. Let's stop punishing parents. Let's make Ireland a family friendly society and truly cherish our children. In the relatively short time that is childhood let's support parents in their choice to have children and give them access to fully state funded childcare.
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  • "'Shame'rock for Trump - Not in our name"
    An Taoiseach is our representative abroad. When he accepts prejudice, racism and bigotry, it shames the people of our country. We feel that such an alliance is not good for our country's reputation and undermines our relationship with other countries. Trump is a despicable human being. A point must be reached where falling at the foot of a powerful man, at the expense of our values and morals and international reputation is not acceptable! "'Shame'rock for Trump: Not in our Name"
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