• Education for All
    In the fallout of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, a subsequent economic recession and the establishment of the department of further and Higher Education, the funding crisis of Higher education continues to roar on in an age of soaring rents, poor working conditions for academic staff , inadequate student supports and the highest fees in Europe. Students are hungry for change, and this campaign seeks to earn it. Our demands are for the government to commit to and representatives to support a series of commitments outlined in our pledge... 1. An end to the student contribution charge of €3000, the highest in the EU. 2.An end to the study now pay later and earn and learn policies and a move toward publicly funded education at the heart of government policy. 3.A publicly financed student accommodation building strategy and charter for student tenant rights. 4. A reform of student supports across the island that match the cost of being a student in the new decade. 5. A plan to address the crisis in Irish creative institutions. 6. An end to precarious working conditions for academic staff
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  • I stand with the Debenhams Workers
    This is a message to the Irish Government and the company overseeing the liquidation of the company's assets that a lot of people are behind the Debenhams workers. This is also a message to those on the picket that you have our support and solidarity.
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  • Amend the Harassment & Harmful Communications Bill
    The bill was categorised by the Law Reform Commission in 2016 after focus groups of young teens identified it as a privacy issue. However on greater examination it is clear that this should fall under sexual violence laws. It is important that people who engage in image based crime should face serious implications for sharing inappropriate images without consent. Also it is important that judges and barristers should understand the full impact on victims lives from the sharing of these images, and be trained up to deal with what is a reasonably new crime, with the age of smart phones and widespread internet access.
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    Better traffic solutions for our city.
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  • Stephen Donnolly: Demand meat factory owners protect people from COVID-19
    The people who produce our food are often treated the worst in society. Now, they're being exposed to COVID-19 at work, and bosses are allowed to get away with it. It's time Minister for Health Stephen Donnolly took action to make meat factory bosses protect the people who work there.
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  • Tackle Human Trafficking NOT Consenting Sex Workers.
    The review of this legislation is accepting submissions until September 11th 2020. The Criminal Justice Act 2017 Part 4 was put in place after lobbying by individuals and groups, some of whom were founded by and still have members of religious orders who ran Magdalene Laundries in their organisations, who believe all sex work is exploitation. This is not the case. This stance means ALL sex workers are being classified as exploited which in turn is distracting efforts from identifying real human trafficking victims. Human trafficking victims exist in many industries in Ireland including agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing and many more. Child trafficking is also a problem in Ireland. Yet, we are targeting consenting sex workers. The belief was that the criminalisation of the purchase of sexual services would end the demand for sexual services. This has not come into fruition. Ireland has been downgraded to Tier Two Watch List in the latest Trafficking in Persons Report and there have been NO PROSECUTIONS for human trafficking in Ireland EVER. Consensual sex workers exist in Ireland and will always exist in Ireland. This legislation has unfairly targeted their earnings, their safety and their autonomy rather than tackling human traffickers. These people and organisations have had very little communication with sex workers or experience in investigating cases of sex trafficking or other forms of human trafficking. This means there are victims of trafficking who are not even being looked for. This law has cut the flow of information to Gardaí from sex workers about real trafficking victims and children being requested for exploitation. Not only that but violence against sex workers has increased to dangerous levels because clients are afraid to get caught and sex workers are stigmatised to the point where abuse is deemed a natural part of their work - which should never be the case. Nicer clients have been scared away by the illegality of purchasing of sexual services and many who are still buying sex are the ones who take risks, putting sex workers in Ireland in serious danger. Sex workers report more issues with clients regarding safe sex. Sex workers in Ireland are not legally allowed to work together for safety under Ireland ‘Brothel Keeping’ legislation so they do not even have that comfort. To make buying sex illegal On top of the Brothel Keeping legislation, without first ensuring sex workers have access to social services and housing and all the other things they need to survive is horrific. For these reasons we are demanding an end to the Criminal Justice Act Section 27 part 4! TACKLE HUMAN TRAFFICKERS NOT WORKING PEOPLE!
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  • Support Stamp 3 - Spouse/Dependent Visa Holders of PhD students for the Right to Work
    The dependents of PhD students would like to support their spouses who are conducting research in Irish institutions and contribute to Ireland with the skills they have possessed. It can be discouraging for other potential non-EU PhD students to come to Ireland due to dissatisfaction among their spouses, coupled with difficulty to manage living in Ireland owing to limited financial support. We are not demanding any special status or advantage for the spouses - only the RIGHT TO WORK AND PAY TAXES in Ireland. Stamp 3 holders are spouses/partners/dependents of non-EU PhD students who can contribute to flourish Irish Economy. PhD students could have thought of options, but we chose Ireland. Let us Conduct research in Irish institutions, Integrate and Contribute! We need a solution and your support to help us to integrate into Irish society and contribute through our research.
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  • Distribute Masks for Free
    After weeks of mixed messages from Government and Health Officials about the effectiveness of mask-wearing, there are now efforts to make up for lost time through regulation. It took the HSE until April 22 to introduce a mandatory policy for the wearing of masks. No official advice on face-coverings for the public was issued until May 13. As of this week, it is now a requirement on public transport and more recently in shops. It is not too late for everyone to buy-in to a new regime of mask-wearing, but we must re-focus the conversation on the accessibility of masks. The State's inadequate response in this crisis of public health, brings about a request from the public and a ask for our policymakers: we demand free distribution. The goal of mask-wearing is to save lives, not to further put them at risk. There are gaping holes in the plans announced which carry the risk of fuelling public tensions between those wearing them and those who may have a valid reason for not wearing one. On this basis, we are calling for the immediate ramping up and distribution of free masks for the entire population.
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  • Free Car-Parking for Healthcare Workers
    The public transport system remains unreliable for staff who have no other means to get to work. For those of us who drive we are working extended hours to juggle ongoing childcare issues which have not been rectified by the recent reopening of some childcare facilities. We are and have been under enough pressure for the last 4 months. Free parking is a small mercy to grant us for our tireless efforts. Please reconsider this decision Dublin City Council. Image source: https://www.newstalk.com/news/over-e5m-taken-in-by-hse-in-car-parking-charges-last-year-1325831
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  • Improving Nurses Pay
    After watching the RTÉ investigates special and watching the nursing staff of St. James’ Hospital fight COVID on a daily basis, it was harrowing to see just what our nursing staff went through and continue to do so. These nurses watched countless people die and treated them with the upmost respect on their passing even acting as their family members due to the COVID restrictions. Our nursing staff have gone above and beyond across the country to save lives. And as the restrictions are lifted, they continue to fight COVID in our hospitals. This is not over for them and they fear a second wave. Our responsibility as the public to say a small thank you to these amazing nurses is to lobby ever single TD in this country until we increase their wages. Enough is enough. These amazing women and men deserve so much more. This is the least we could do for them. Below is a sample email to send to your local TD
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  • Save The SEO, Save Our Rates of Pay
    The Construction Workers Action Group agree that this decision will eventually affect all workers and not only construction sector. This is an attack on all worker rates of pay. Some of the reasons to fight back: 1. Bench mark rate of pay for Construction will be the Minimum Wage of 10.10 Euros. 2. Skilled workforce will exit sector to avoid further low pay conditions. 3. Low wages adds to the long list of employment issues in construction including bogus self-employment. 4. Housing will further contract and Sector will continue to slow down due to lack of skilled workforce. As the political establishment cobble together the most unpopular government ever formed in the state’s history. Workers’ rights were under attack, when a High Court ruling struck down the legislation that provides for Sectorial Employment orders (SEO). The workplace relations act (amended 2015), was instrumental in the provision of SEO's. (A SEO is the legal structure used to set the minimum rates and rights of workers, in any given sector of employment) The ruling signals the intent of a section of employers to undermine these orders, and demonstrates a clear lack of empathy with workers and the already inadequate pay and conditions existing within the sector. It is our intention to organise a defence of the pay and conditions outlined in the SEO and to see that the second instalment, (due on the 1st of October!), is honoured and implemented. And lobby for immediate improvement in our overall working conditions for all workers in construction. The state has the right to appeal this decision within 21 days of the court decision and Minister Varadkar has the responsibility to reverse this disaster decision, and should do so immediately. This petition is a first step towards those ends and we call on workers of all sectors to sign it and demand government appeal the decision and introduce all relevant mechanisms to ensure that the pay and conditions are protected. While the petition on its own will not be enough, we are preparing a series of protests and demonstrations to ensure both employers and the politicians who facilitate them, are under no illusion as to the depth of feeling among workers for this attack on workers’ rights. Other issues such as bogus Self-employment, reckless employment practices, illegal taxation behaviour of rogue contractors and agencies and other will also all be lobbied for, within any movement going forward. We invite you now to sign the petition for better workplace conditions for all workers including construction workers. Organise in your workplace, join your union and fight back against this attack on workers rates of pay and their employment rights and join other workers in other sectors for better employment. In Solidarity Construction Workers Action Group.
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  • Appoint a Senior Minister for Women and Equalities
    A long-term solution to remove systemic blocks to equality, for Women, girls and minorities in Ireland, is needed. The UK, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and Canada have a Minister for Women or similar. It is time for the Irish government to consider a Minister for Women, like other countries. A Minister for Women and Equalities would need to do the job full-time, with enough resources, time and authority to do the work. A Minister for Women could look at systemic, policy blocks to equal opportunities in employment, education, housing and other areas for all people in Ireland, regardless of gender, marital status, family status, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, socioeconomic status and membership of the Traveller community. Enquires Twitter: @zoehealy3
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