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To: Government, Minister For Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Joint Committee on Enterprise, Trade and Employment

Change Company Law- 7 Year itch

Implement the changes and recommendations of the 2016 Duffy Cahill report that seeks to enhance the statutory protections and entitlements of employees made redundant in a situation where assets of a business are separated from the operating company.

Why is this important?

In June 2015 430 Clerys workers were told at 5:30pm on a Friday that there jobs were gone and the company was insolvent leaving no money for redundancies yet a "flaw" in company law allowed the previous separation of assets leave the owners with millions. Its been 7 years since Clerys and Debenhams workers were affected by this "flaw" in company law also. The flaw is still there and it could happen to any of workplace. This needs to end. We need the Protection Of Employees Collective Redundancies Bill of 2017 implemented NOW!! Its at committee stage at the Dail since then. Its time to stand up and fight so no other workers will have the same fate as Clerys or Debenhams. Will you join the fight?
It has been brought to my attention that this Bill fell when the last Dail finished. Sinn Fein have re introduced it and are waiting at Second Stage to go before the Dail. Please share far and wide and lets get this moving again


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