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To: An Taoiseach, Micheal Martin

Cancel Ukraine's Debts

It's time for the Irish government to join those calling for the cancellation of Ukrainian debt by the IMF and World bank to free up funds for immediate relief and future reconstruction.

Why is this important?

Ukraine's national debt is €120 billion, that's almost 80% of their GDP. They are spending €6bn a year just servicing this debt, and have had years of austerity measures pushed as a result. This is illegitimate debt, built up due to the oligarchisation of society, the failure to tax the rich and currently increasing rapidly due to the brutal Russian invasion.

Now a growing international movement is demanding this debt be cancelled. Given our own history, Irish people should be at the forefront in demanding the the cancellation of this odious debt.


2022-05-12 21:19:37 +0100

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