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To: Dublin City Council

Save Bold & Brass Coffee Trailer in Dartry, Dublin 6

We would like them to permit us to continue to trade.

Why is this important?

Unfortunately, as a result of complaints from certain neighbours to Dublin City Council - one referencing “the sound of chatter and laughter”, we have been forced to close our Rathgar location 😞

This is obviously extremely upsetting for us, as we really feel that we have integrated so well into the community and were just after finding our feet in the area.

To those that have expressed support during this situation, thank you so much. Most of you guys know that we really tried our best here and still it wasn’t enough for some people. We are one of many trailers across Dublin that so many people depended on during covid and now that covid restrictions have lifted we are being punished. 🤨

It has been a difficult couple of weeks trying to prevent this, and especially telling 4 wonderful staff members that they’ll no longer have jobs.

Dublin 6, Ireland

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