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To: Nigel Oddy, CEO of New Look

Strabane Workers Together

Relocate New Look in Strabane. It is highly profitable. Both the New Look store and your loyal staff are loved. Strabane needs these jobs.

Why is this important?

New Look staff in Strabane, some with over twenty years service, are being forced into redundancy by a senseless Lidl relocation from Bradley Way to Strabane Retail Park. It will bring ten new jobs but will cost up to sixty job losses. Strabane is an area of high social and economic deprivation and these potential job losses will be a disaster for a town with historically high unemployment. Four retail units will close to facilitate this Lidl development and relocation (New Look, Menarys, Peacocks, Argos). Strabane Workers Together are highlighting this redundancy injustice and are calling on all four aforementioned employers to relocate within Strabane.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition by email.

Strabane Retail Park, Branch Rd, Strabane BT82 8EW, UK

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