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To: Leo Varadkar, Stephen Donnelly, Helen McEntee, Department of Health, NDTP_HSE

#FastAccessStamp4 for all international doctors in Ireland

We won

1) #FastAccessStamp4 - we acknowledge the upcoming policy that considers international doctors for a new two year multisite general work permit and eligibility for stamp 4 afterwards. However, we request you to acknowledge the contribution of those international doctors who worked tirelessly and bravely in this pandemic whilst thousands of miles away from their homeland FIRST. Please include them and their families first in your policy.

2) #EqualityForDoctors – We appreciate the steps towards equal training access in the past couple of months, especially by considering all stamp 4’s equal for training. However, more than 95% of the international doctors who constitute 44% of the Irish health system are not in training. They share an equal amount of blood, sweat and tears in terms of job responsibilities and managing their workload alongside their Trainee colleagues but aren’t supported in the same way. They don’t get the same logistical and financial support as their training colleagues and their work is not recognised at the end in terms of any certificate. We request you to bring equality at all levels for all doctors.

Why is this important?

This pandemic has impacted the global health system hugely. There is an acute staff shortage globally and Ireland has had a major blow. This fair treatment/acknowledgment of the contribution of international doctors will provide Ireland an EXPERIENCED work force in the long run to tackle post covid aftershocks. This will ultimately benefit society and the health system and also build solid trust between the Irish health system and international doctors .



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