Support to alleviate continuous sufferings of the Undocumented people
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    Created by Charles Sobayo
  • Clonmel Needs A Skatepark
    To keep kids and teens off the streets
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    Created by R!an 0shea
  • Mental health and wellbeing in schools for children
    It is the most important thing in life it would reduce all of the issues across the bored if we are are going to fight for mental health we should start with the younger generations we need to give them tools to help others and help themselves it is fundamental to have something in our shcools at a young age
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    Created by Sarah Jane Kinsella
  • Limit chain stores to preserve small business and the heritage of Galway
    Galway is becoming a carbon copy city and losing what makes it special. It is becoming uniform, full of multinational chains instead of the beautiful independent businesses it once had and is famous for.
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    Created by Clare Anne