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To: Micheál Martin Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise ,Eamon Ryan Minster for Transport

Private Small Bus Operators Of Ireland

Private Small Bus Operators Of Ireland

They need to help the small coach operators by including us in grants and stop excluding us .
They need to recognise us as Sme businesses .
They need to listen to what is happening in our industry and act on it .
They need to stop giving the same false answers that are irrelevant to us .
They need to know the difference between a wage subsidy scheme and a grant .
We need grants, financial Aid and restart grants to list just a few .We have been excluded from every thing including school transport financial support for covid19 supply's.
Our Government are not aware of what our industry is about hence why they keep on excluding us from restart grants.
Extension on holiday breaks with banks

These are just a few of the things needed for this industry to survive

Why is this important?

Our industry moves Ireland , school children,Airports, train stations ,Ports ,Government Departments infant when groups of people need to be moved around we are the industry that does it .

We are the ones that move Ireland with out us no one gets to their destinations in one vehicle .
Our full size bus takes 6 cars of the road for every full size Coach .We transport school children on a daly basis .Our precious daily cargo is people dont wait till its to late when the operators are no longer in business .
School transport have been totally ignored in relation to getting back on the road and having extra cleaning time cleaning equipment and not funding.
Refund on vehicles that have been parked up since March on road tax,cvrt or extenstions
Allowing this industry claim vat on all business like our counter parts in Northern Ireland.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered along with a cover letter stating exactly what is needed for licensed operators to survive the coming winter months some is listed above but others will be listed in accompanying letter.


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