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To: Waterways Ireland

Waterways Ireland to recognise Liveaboards & Houseboats in the Irish waterways

1- Waterways Ireland to recognise the concepts of liveaboards, residential boating or houseboats in the Irish waterways 

2- Waterways Ireland to develop a realistic and effective “houseboat policy” in conjunction with its revision and integration of its byelaws

3- Waterways Ireland to hold public consultation meetings with long-standing live-aboards before implementing regulations 

4- Waterways Ireland to facilitate services to liveaboards (i.e. pumpout facilities, water, rubbish collection, etc)

Why is this important?

1- Liveaboards create vibrant communities and safe spaces across canals and rivers, enhancing the charm and character of our Waterways for locals and tourists alike.

2- Houseboats are greener, reducing our ecological footprint and use of valuable resources like water, energy, waste, transport among others. Now more than ever, it's time to think about the positive changes we can make to protect our planet.

3- Liveaboards communities and policies have been successfully implemented across several European countries except Ireland currently facing a rising demand for residential and affordable housing.

4- Traditionally, people have been living in boats on Irish waterways and, for just as long, the Waterways authorities have been ignoring the matter. Basically a blind eye was turned to liveaboards

5- There are only 20 residential berths in Grand Canal Dock and a further 8 in Shannon Harbour. There are no residential berths available at any other locations and there are no residential berths available at this time.


2020-07-08 17:59:37 +0100

400 Signatures folks . Thank you so much for all the support

2020-07-08 15:44:28 +0100

Great news. Plan to move people's barges off Dublin's Grand Canal stalled by heritage minister

This is a great step towards gaining recognition for the 500+ liveaboards in the Irish Waterways.

Thank you so much for your support

2020-06-24 16:16:41 +0100

2020-06-24 16:14:39 +0100

New milestone 338 signatures :-)

2020-06-22 21:43:26 +0100

Thanks to everyone for your support. I am humbled by your support and messages, can only begin to tell you what it means to all of us.

2020-06-22 17:44:05 +0100

100 signatures reached

2020-06-22 14:23:41 +0100

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