• Let the Liam Miller Tribute Match Go Ahead in Páirc Uí Chaoimh,
    Páirc Uí Chaoimh was built with €30m of funds from pubic money. This is a very special tribute match for the late Liam Miller - someone who represented everything thats great about sport.
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  • Keep Ormston House Open
    Since opening in 2011 Ormston House has been the cultural heart of Limerick City. Hosting exhibitions from local and international artists, gigs, community events and more, it has provided a vital and much needed cultural space for the people of Limerick. Culture has been at the heart of Limerick City in recent years and was named City of Culture in 2014. It’s the spark that kept the city alive and bright during the bleak years of the recession. As more and more beautiful buildings became derelict, they were handed over to artists and creatives who gave what would have otherwise been an empty shell a new lease of life. But the good times are back and with that, one by one, these spaces have disappeared. Lets not let that happen to Ormston House! Since the announcement of the possible closure of Ormston House, due to the building being put up for sale by a Vulture Fund, there has been a huge outpouring of support. The Rubberbandits called on Limerick City and County Council to "Please do the right thing here" and said "Placing art and culture in a prominent position of pride, in a decent location, isn’t just good for tourism. It collectively benefits our sense of identify, self esteem and mental health." If we come together to show our support and put pressure on Limerick City and County Council and those involved in this sale, we can save Ormston House and ensure it's preserved as the amazing cultural space it currently is for years to come. Find out more about Ormston House here: http://ormstonhouse.com/
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  • Heavy metal festival Ireland
    Because everyone should have a suited big name festival yet metal heads/rockers are the only people that don’t.
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  • Reclaim the Iveagh Markets
    Dublin City Council have demanded the return of the building following an unanimous vote by elected Representatives to have the building returned to community control. Cllr Tina MacVeigh got the support of the community and all the public representatives to return this iconic building to Community Control ! This has so far not happened despite a deadline imposed on Martin Keane to return the keys by 31st Jan 2018. The businessman has held the building for over 20 years and has not delivered on his promises. The building needs to be returned to Dublin City Council so that the council and the community it serves can decide together on the future of this iconic Dublin building and how best it can serve its community! The latest that Cllr Tina MacVeigh has done is to ask the council for a public consultation to deliver a simple message to our council why we the community needs this building in community control ! This June we need to give them a simple message take the building back and let the community have a community space !
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  • Cultúrlann Anois!
    (English translation below) Tá easpa áiseanna ann do chainteoirí Gaeilge sa chathair agus in Éirinn. Ba bhréa lár-ionad a bheith ann chun an Ghaeilge, na healaíona agus ár gcultúr a chur chun cinn ar mhaithe le muintir na hÉireann agus na mílte cuairteoirí a thagann anseo de bharr ár n-oidhreachta. Is beag deis atá ag lucht labhartha na Gaeilge an teanga a úsáid tar éis dóibh an córas oideachais a fhágáil. Thabharfadh lár-ionad le café, amharclann agus seomra comhdhála, deiseanna do dhaoine Gaeilge a labhairt gan bac. Tá lár-ionaid bhreátha ag lucht na Fraince, na Gearmáine agus na Spáinne i mBaile Átha Cliath ach níl áit ar bith lárnach inar féidir le Gaeilgeoirí de chuile aois teacht le chéile. Mhaígh an rialtas go mbunófaí ionad Gaeilge agus cultúrtha i lár chathair Bhaile Átha Cliath sa Phlean Forbartha Náisiúnta 2018-2027. Seo Bliain na Gaeilge. Tacaigh linn agus iarr ar an Aire Madigan Cultúrlann a bhunú, ní i gceann deich mbliana, ach anois! There is a lack of facilities for Irish speakers in the city and in Ireland. It would be great to have a centre that would promote Irish, the arts and our culture for the people of Ireland as well as the thousands of visitors who come here because of our heritage. Irish speakers have few opportunities to use the language after they leave the education system. A Cultúrlann which would have a café, a theatre and a conference room would provide people with opportunities to speak Irish without any hindrance. The French, Germans and Spanish have lovely centres in Dublin. There is no central place where Irish speakers of all ages can come together. The government stated that a language and cultural hub in Dublin city centre would be established in the National Development Plan 2018-2027. This is Bliain na Gaeilge – the Year of the Irish Language. Support us and ask that Minister Madigan establishes an Irish language centre, not in ten years time, but now!
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  • Save Ardmore Studios - Our National Film Studio
    Save Ardmore Studios – Our National Film Studio Considered a driving force of the Irish film and television industry Ardmore Studios in Bray, Co Wicklow have hosted filmmakers from around the world for the past 58 years and have helped to establish Ireland as a hub for filmmaking. The facility itself has sound stages, production offices, workshops, hair and makeup, props, wardrobe, catering and much more, not to mention the wider reaching impact for the local economy with external companies providing supporting services and facilities. In recent months it was announced that Ardmore Studios is to go on sale, Initially the sale was advertised as an ongoing concern with the function of the land and buildings to remain as they are. However, talks have begun to consider an unconditional sale, which simply put could mean that the land and buildings may be used for other purposes such as residential, commercial/retail etc. The repercussions of a sale on these terms would be felt by the industry as a whole, with the loss of thousands of jobs both directly and indirectly in the Wicklow/Dublin area and beyond. At present through Enterprise Ireland the government holds a 31.6% stake in Ardmore Studios, this stake can be seen as a reflection of a desire to support and grow the film and television industry in Ireland. Currently there is a serious shortage of studio space in the country, which has already resulted in multi million euro productions going elsewhere in Europe. In order to continue to be a competitive challenger in the market place and to ensure the growth of the industry, the government should move to maintain at least this 31.6% stake and and ensure that Ardmore Studios are sold as an ongoing concern Please sign and share
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  • Keep Lough Key Forest Park In Public Ownership
    Lough Key Forest Park is a national treasure and must at all costs be kept in public ownership. We're really worried that plans are afoot to sell it or part off, similar to what happened at Newcastle Forest where publicly owned land of which we the Irish people are the stakeholders of was leased to a foreign private company for profit gain. Una Bhan is a 'high' POEM / song in the Gaelic tradition,which tells the tragic love affair she had with a rival of her father.It is widely sung the length and breath of Ireland,and it symbolises our rich gaelic culture.She is buried on an Island close by......our heritage belongs to everyone, and no one!
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  • Help Us Immortalise Savita Halappanavar's Legacy In Galway
    As we approach the 11th anniversary of Savita Halappanavar's tragic passing on October 28, we reflect on the seismic impact it had on Ireland. In 2012, Savita died from sepsis at University Hospital Galway after being refused an abortion. Her untimely demise ignited a resounding call to struggle, propelling a monumental public movement to repeal the Eighth Amendment. This movement championed the fundamental rights of women to assert control over their bodies and make autonomous decisions regarding their reproductive health. It is a monumental stride towards individual freedom and women's emancipation in Ireland and gives further impetus to the global feminist revolt. While the current legislation, though in effect, still harbours room for improvement, it undeniably signifies a watershed moment in recent Irish history. Savita's unwarranted sacrifice became the catalyst for this transformative shift. Having lived, worked, and tragically met her end here in Galway, ROSA Galway passionately advocates for a mural as an enduring tribute in her honour in Galway City.
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  • Marina Market
    A dedicated building rather than a warehouse.
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  • Save The Cobblestone!
    A planning proposal by Marron Estates Ltd to build a 114 bed hotel on top of and surrounding The Cobblestone Pub in Smithfield will destroy one of the city’s finest cultural centres. For decades, The Cobblestone has been a centre of Irish music, signing clubs, dance classes, historical talks and events and the promotion of international culture in Dublin's north inner city. Dublin is being overrun with hotels and student accommodation that add nothing to the cultural life of the city. It is Dublin City Council’s policy to 'lead the cultural development of the city" and "to protect and enhance Dublin city's cultural infrastructure.” The Cobblestone is a key part of the city’s heritage and cultural infrastructure and should be protected not destroyed, or made unviable by the building of yet another hotel. This proposal conflicts with the Council’s policy and should be opposed. Please sign the petition and help save The Cobblestone and protect Dublin's culture and heritage. https://planning.agileapplications.ie/dublincity/application-details/146422
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    Support to alleviate continuous sufferings of the Undocumented people
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  • Clonmel Needs A Skatepark
    To keep kids and teens off the streets
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