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To: Dee Forbes, Director General of RTE

Save Lyric FM

Save Lyric FM

Keep Lyric FM as it is.

Why is this important?

Lyric FM is the only radio station that plays a programme that is predominantly classical music. Without Lyric, there is no station playing classical music on Irish radio as regular programming. It also offers the very best of jazz and new music.

Reasons for signing

  • RTE spend too much money on its presenters and not enough money on quality content.. Keep Lyric FM and get rid of Ryan Turbridy et al.
  • RTÉ Lyric FM is the underdog of Irish public service broadcasting. Its wages and operating costs are only a very small portion of RTÉ's overall budget. The presenters make the often elitist subject of classical music accessible to all listeners and are experts in their field. The listener figures may not be huge, but the station's audience are devoted to it. It offers a respite from the doom and gloom that are unavoidably present on Radio 1 due to its current affairs remit.
  • Lyric fm is a station that gives the greatest pleasure to its listeners, just wonderful music and no waffle from ego obsessed presenters. RTÉ should stop squandering money on its other stations and rein in expenses.


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