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To: Presentation Sisters North East Ireland

Save Clondalkin Convent

Save Clondalkin Convent

Halt the commercial development of a 155 bed nursing home on the grounds of Clondalkin Convent.

Why is this important?

Clondalkin is over 1,000 years old and is attracting more and more visitors to view its heritage. In this regard the proposed nursing home is wholly inappropriate. The four storey building would block the view of the limestone convent while the proposed brick finish is not at all in keeping with local architecture. In addition an antique stone wall on Convent Rd., would be knocked not to mention the additional traffic that would ensue in an already gridlocked village. The grounds and cloisters of the convent include an endangered species of bird, the Swift, which would be threatened by the construction. Such a development would detrimentally affect the historic character of Clondalkin and one of its most important heritage sites.

Clondalkin, County Dublin, Ireland

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