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To: Westmeath County Council

Reclaiming Sionann for Athlone

Reclaiming Sionann for Athlone

Chose an appropriate street installation for Athlone that celebrates our heritage, our people and our town

Why is this important?

The “river god” statue chosen for Athlone misrepresents our native heritage and our rich culture.

It would be an affront to our heritage and people to use colonial male object from Dublin to represent the Shannon and Athlone.

The mythological Goddess Sionann, granddaughter of Lir, is our mythological river deity – not a concocted neo-classical god.

Misappropriation of mythology and gender in a time of national subjugation is not acceptable as a modern representation of our town, nor is representation of the town on the backside of a statue.

The concept of celebrating our river and our heritage is a welcome one and we call on the Council to do so by recognising our heritage – not replacing it.

We call on Westmeath County Council to revoke its uninformed selection.

Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Because heritage is who we are.
  • The whole idea behind this petition is pointlessly nonsensical. The real reason this abomination should not be used is because its an eyesore. All the options for this installation were terrible and this was basically the worst. At least the rest could be ignored because most of them didnt look like anything. This council really needs to be replaced. Clearly the lads we have working in there (when they can be bothered to actually do any work) are clearly just phoning it in.
  • Respect the heritage of Athlone - Sionann is a Celtic Goddess - not a bearded Roman God.


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