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To: All Irish Citizens & the Irish Diaspora

Boycott Airbnb for listing illegal Israeli settlements!

I would like everyone considering using AirBNB to boycott this company until they reverse their ban on listing illegal Israeli settlements in WestBank. They are currently complicit in invasion, theft, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. AirBNB continue to use the area to profit, despite countless sanctions passed by the UN in respect of the Zionist occupation of the West Bank area. [1]

Why is this important?

For two years, Human Rights Watch has spoken with Airbnb about their brokering of rentals in West Bank settlements that are illegal under international humanitarian law and for which Palestinian ID holders are effectively barred from entering.

The settlement movement has sought to encourage tourism in occupied land, with the help of the Israeli government, which established national parks there. A leaked European Union report said some projects were being used “as a political tool to … support, legitimise and expand settlements”.

Irish people know only too well the negative consequences of imperialist racist occupation.


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