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To: Leo varadkar taoiseach, Dail eireann leinster house kildare street Dublin DOzxr20

Issue Michael creed minister for agriculture with p45

We as independent farmers are asking our taoiseach Leo varadkar and our Irish government, to put forward a motion of no confidence and to issue our minister for agriculture Michael creed with his resignation (p45) with immediate effect, as our minister for agriculture simply isn't fulfilling his role,he was elected by our government to represent advocate and fight for farmers rights equality ,"something he has failed to do", , there are various different farming enterprises and farmers in Ireland ,they all hold the same view that our minister for agriculture Michael creed is unfit to be minister for agriculture ,he has no empathy for the people he is elected to represent, he is so un interested in farmers that he never wants to talk to them, to get to know the issues effecting them,its impossible for him to work effectively as minister to resolve farmers problems, when he won't meet with farmers to get to know what the problems are or how they can be resolved, we as a independent farmers wish take this opportunity to tell you ,we will be putting forward our own independent candidate who has been elected by us farmers at grassroots level to represent us as a farming community , kind regards Peter curran

Why is this important?

Its extremely important that farmers take the time to sighn this petition , as I feel its the first step and only step in rectifying the great imbalances that farmers are experiencing, when we as independent farmers elect our own representative to hold position as minister for agriculture, then we as a farming community can work towards resolving farmers issues re instating farmers rights equality something that is being rashioned at present, we can resolve the great imbalances being experienced