• Baileys, don't sponsor a Eurovision that includes Israel
    We cannot allow a country that is deliberately killing aid workers and journalists, slaughtering tens of thousands of civilians, destroying hospitals, starving people, to sing alongside us. Allowing Israel to take part in the Eurovision would send an implicit message to the world that breaking international humanitarian law over and over again is acceptable.
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    Created by Angela Skuce
  • UK Government: Fund Casement Park Now
    First Minister Michelle O’Neill has promised that the redevelopment of Casement Park “will be built on my watch”. But time is running out to get it built in time for Euro 2028. Work needs to start as soon as possible in order to meet the deadlines set by UEFA, the European governing body for football. The Irish government, GAA and NI Executive have recommitted their funding for the rebuild - but the UK government has failed to do so.  Imagine in four years time, coverage of Euro 2028 beamed into homes across the world from all over these islands - but the North misses out. We, the undersigned, call on the incoming UK government to commit to funding Casement Park as soon as possible before its too late. 
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  • The removal of Joe Biden mural in Ballina
    Having a large mural of US president Joe Biden in Ballina reflects very badly on the people of Ballina, Mayo and Ireland who hold very different views to Joe regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
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    Created by Paul Ginty
  • UK Government: Stop Censoring Kneecap and Irish Art
    On February 8th 2024, the UK government blocked a British Phonographic Industry (BIP) funding award that would help Belfast rap trio Kneecap to expand their music in global markets. Their application was approved and signed off by an independent selection board, but he UK government overruled this decision. A spokesperson for Kemi Badenoch cited that the UK government "didn't want to hand out UK tax money to people that oppose the United Kingdom itself." The British government blocking arts funding for a group because they aren't pro-union goes against the very essence of the Good Friday Agreement, artistic freedom and free speech. No government should be removing funding due to an artist’s position on constitutional the future of the north.
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  • TV stations must add live captioning & subtitles. Deaf & hard of hearing people need TV too.
    Both my parents are hard of hearing, they had three children with full hearing. We grew up with sign language, with subtitles on the telly and with an appreciation for how hard things are for deaf people. There's 103,000 deaf or hard of hearing people in Ireland. They deserve a decent subtitling service, regardless of the T.V station, show or type of programme. Unfortunately subtitling is patchy, sometimes out of sync or sometimes not provided at all. Please support this by adding your name.
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    Created by Jason Collins
  • Irish Artists demand the exclusion of Israel from Eurovision 2024
    The exclusion of Russia from Eurovision in 2022 following its invasion of Ukraine was hugely significant and demonstrated Eurovision's capacity to take an ethical stance on human rights. Martin Österdahl, Eurovision’s executive supervisor, previously spoke about this decision regarding Russia, stating, "When we say we are not political, what we always should stand up for are the basic and ultimate values of democracy."
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    Created by Irish Artists For Palestine
  • Don't rename Pairc Uí Chaoimh in Cork
    This stadium belongs to the fans. It holds great memories for us all. The County Board are not the owners of the stadium, just the custodians of it. To open the door to corporate renaming for the highest bidder will strip away an intangible element of what makes the GAA so special here in the Rebel County. Once that deal is made, there is no going back. We don't want our stadium named after Supervalu, McDonald's, Shell or whoever else has deep pockets. Do not rename Pairc Uí Chaoimh as Supervalu Park.
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  • We want to hear Irish women and diverse artists & music on radio stations
    0% Irish female solo artists featured in the Top 50 Radio Charts songs of 2022. In 2023 only 3% 3% of the Top 100 Songs on Irish radio in 2023 included solo/lead/front Irish female artists. 3,255,000 listeners tune into Irish radio every weekday. When it comes to music, getting your song added to a playlist on a radio station can be life-changing for an Irish artist. The Irish broadcasting sector has historically not supported women or diverse artists in music from Ireland. Following a series of Gender Disparity Data Reports conducted by Linda Coogan Byrne and her team at Why Not Her?, the evidence showed that Irish radio managers consciously decide year in and year out to exclude Irish female-identifying artists, female fronting bands and diverse artists from Radio Playlists across Ireland. Of songs featured in the Top 50 Radio Charts of 2022, only 12% were by domestic Irish artists or bands (0% Irish female solo artists). This translates to 6 songs by 4 Irish artists: 1 song by Belters Only feat. Jazzy; 3 songs by Dermot Kennedy; 1 song by Moncrieff; and 1 song by Welshy feat. Nono. None were by Irish persons of colour - solo artists or groups - and none were by female solo artists or groups. Fast forward a year later and only 3% of the Top 100 Songs on Irish radio in 2023 included solo/lead/front Irish female artists: Jazzy*, Aimée and Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries. As the years go by, it is becoming more and more difficult for Irish people to discover and hear the music of Irish women and diverse artists. When asked why there are so few women artists played on the radio, managers said: "Men make better music than women" "Why are you feeding us to the wolves?" "We don't have the budget to be diverse" "We don't make the rules" "Women just moan" "She is too old and long in the tooth to be making music" "We actually had some women on a Special Friday Night show back in Feb" "It's the label's fault, not ours" "You should analyse the record companies. You’ll see an imbalance in what we’re being sent". "It is whatever makes the charts" "People prefer to listen to male acts, they request them on air!" "You need to be careful and stop stepping on people's toes in radio" "You need to stop asking questions" In the meantime, many new and emerging male artists are recognised and supported across the airwaves, allowing for a host of new household names to emerge in the landscape of Irish music in the past decade. It is common for white male lead/front artists/bands such as Hozier, Gavin James, Cian Ducrot, Robert Grace, Moncrieff, The Script, etc. to be heavily played during the day and evening on Irish airwaves, while their diverse and female counterparts are played in the middle of the night. The Journal.ie 13.02.24 https://www.thejournal.ie/prev/6298235/dvX7Tyf5Xocvo/
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    Created by linda coogan byrne
  • Stop the Demolition of Havelock House
    In November 2023, Lotus Property brought Havelock House from Olympian Homes with the aim of using its site for a social housing development for Clanmil Housing. Olympian had made two failed attempts to demolish Havelock House, which were rejected by the local community and Belfast City Council. ​After buying the building, Lotus and Clanmil promised that community concerns would be listened to and there would be proper consultation on the proposed development. Lotus managing director, Alastair Coulson, said that: "The next 12 weeks will be about listening to stakeholders and local communities about these draft plans. We look forward to hearing all views and considering them in our plans." ​But within two weeks, Lotus and Clanmil had sent in contractors to strip out Havelock House with the aim of demolishing in January, even before the public part of their consultation began. Havelock House is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known cultural landmarks. Originally a Victorian linen factory, the building then saw service during World War II as accommodation for soldiers and was most recently the home of UTV. The local community played a key role in overturning the previous plans to demolish Havelock House. Lotus Property's rushed demolition must stop, until the promised community consultation takes place.
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  • Swimming Pool for North Fingal
    Children in Balbriggan and surrounding areas do not have the abillity to swim. Only 6/23 schools surveyed in north county Dublin have swimming on the curriculum. Balbriggan was promised a swimming pool in partnership with the rugby club in a plan scrapped in 2016. Skerries was promised a swimming pool years previously. People have to spend time and money to access a pool outside the area. Swimming is a basic life skill and contributes to sport and health of our community.
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    Created by Garrett Mullan
  • Boycott Israel from the European song contest 2024
    I believe the world leaders are deliberately turning a blind eye to the horrific injustice being perpetrated against innocent civilians. Governments are not listening to their people. Ireland has always been to the forefront of standing up for injustice. We have a history of occupation which gives us a unique understanding of the plight of the people of Palestine. This appeal is only a drop in the ocean but then, the ocean is made up of many drops.
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    Created by Joe Mullins
  • Stir Up Support For Café Bloodthirsty, Galway
    Café Bloodthirsty strives to support people from all walks of life but especially queer creatives within the community of Galway—artists, dancers, musicians, mystics, performers, poets and more—all under the theme of mysticism and the macabre. Café Bloodthirsty caters in particular to the woefully underserved younger LGBTQ+ audience. Students and young adults identifying as such regularly express the desire for a public venue where they can feel safe and supported by customers and staff alike.
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    Created by Billie Bryan