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To: Waterways Ireland and Dublin City Council development plan.

Barge residential and commercial mooring permits for The Grand and Royal Canal in Dublin

Waterways Ireland ,Dublin City council and The Minister for Heritage, housing committee members . The signatures on this petition are requesting consideration from the Dublin City Council development plan and Waterways Ireland for continuous mooring permits for residential and commercial barges along the Royal and Grand canal in Dublin metropolitan area .

We are asking for a fair and transparent application process for permits which has not been outlined in the new byelaws .

We are asking for permanent mooring permits along the navigation on the grand canal for boats who have been refused permits and are in limbo.

We are asking for these moorings in Dublin on the grand canal inside the metropolitan area not in another county.

By signing and remaining on this petition we absolutely object to the second draft of the canal bye laws whereby waterways Ireland are eliminating the opportunity for permanent house boat moorings outside grand canal dock in the Dublin metropolitan area.

We absolutely object to the exorbitant increase in fees which could be done in a much fairer and gradual manner , especially as many areas have not been given a guarantee of the very basic facilities such as running water .

We are also asking for the long overdue provision of waste water facilities for boats along the Royal and Grand canal via pump out stations and fresh water taps to be located between locks to preserve water quality .

We would like to see a body/ board introduced to over see the operation of waterways Ireland, this was recommended in the past and ignored .

We would like to see liveaboards treated with dignity and respect by waterways Ireland .

We would like to see a copy of accounts from this public body published In a fair , transparent and timely manner . It is unacceptable that they are unavailable.

We would also like to see previous recommendations for coffee docks and various other commercial moorings being made available and put to tender in a fair and transparent manner outlined in the new bye laws . This has been overlooked and not clarified .

The issue of antisocial behaviour has been prevalent in Portobello Harbour in recent times. Many Portobello residents feel that a presence on the water, by way of a barge community, will help alleviate some of the unwanted gatherings which take place nightly on the canalside. This proposed mooring would breathe new life into the empty and poorly lite stretches adjacent to Portobello Harbour. Furthermore, it will add visually to the area and increase the sense of community for both land and water residence.

Businesses and the local economy have faced a very difficult time over this last 3 to 4 years during Covid .

This is an opportunity as a society to reflect on the use of public space and to possibly reimagine our use of, and relationship with, that space, so that we can reopen our society and city with renewed hope as we recover from the exceptional challenges posed by Covid-19.

It is time for Liveaboard boats in Ireland to have recognition.

Dialogue need to start about moorings , services and permits nationally , not just in Dublin .

There is numerous barges moored for several years on the grand canal without permits or appropriate planning permission . They would like to remain . We would like to discuss the option of getting appropriate permits or retention permission in the near future. We are asking for your help in making this a reality for The grand canal in Dublin.

To stay in touch with the campaign you can follow @theblackbarge on instagram

Why is this important?

Add visually to the area .
Breath life into the canals .
Prevent antisocial behavior in portobello and all along our canals in derelict stretches of water .
Asking Waterways Ireland to deliver on their mission statement.

How it will be delivered

We will be printing and sending the petition to CEO of waterways Ireland and Dublin city council Development plan. The petition will also be submitted as part of the public consultation for the new bye laws .

Portobello, Dublin, Ireland

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2024-02-06 05:08:57 +0000

Hi everyone ,

Thanks for remaining on this petition. We are nearing crunch time . Bye laws are about to be changed and our petition will be finally submitted to waterways Ireland . The new draft of the bye laws eliminate any house boat moorings in the Dublin metropolitan area. This is unacceptable.

2023-10-19 13:39:08 +0100

Waterways Ireland have suggested to not have any house boat moorings in the Dublin metropolitan area outside grand canal dock in the new bye law draft.

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