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Take the Angelus off RTÉ

Take the Angelus off RTÉ

Take the Angelus off the air - it has no place on our public broadcaster.

Why is this important?

It's time that the Angelus was taken off RTÉ. It's time Ireland moved past it's dark past of Church and State being so intrinsically linked. We need to focus on bringing a new, inclusive and secular Ireland forward and it starts by separating Church and State on our public broadcaster.

Reasons for signing

  • I suggest the Angelus be replaced with a daily Waterford Whispers News bulletin. Seriously. For the craic.
  • Church bells are intrusive enough on secular society without being broadcast on radio and television. The Six One news should now be preceded by short films of positive things happening in Ireland.
  • Time to remove their power and influence ,they completely abused it when they had it.


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