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To: Dublin City Council

Save The Globe, Ri Ra and Georges Street as we know it!

Save The Globe, Ri Ra  and Georges Street as we know it!

Save these absolute Institutions!
The beating heart and soul of Dublin City Nightlife for over a quarter of a century and the beautiful protected building that contains them!
A new request for Planning Permission will see the existing hotel on Georges st replaced by a 5 story 125 room hotel and the disappearance of The Globe, Ri Ra , The Exchequer and The Library Bar halved in size

Why is this important?

The Central Hotel is a landmark protected building built in 1887 and The Globe and RiRa, The Library Bar have become iconic institutions on Georges street
Dublin is a progressive and thriving city and that's a positive thing but these spaces have historical and cultural significance to locals and visitors alike and should not be replaced by yet another sterile, soulless hotel for tourists. If we keep chipping away at the soul of the city there will be nothing left worth visiting.
Dublin once boasted the longest remaining Georgian Terrace in the world until it was demolished and replaced by the hideous eyesore that is The ESB Building in the 60s. Once these buildings are torn down there's no going back!
Let's not let history repeat itself
Please sign and share and take care


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