• Public transport subscriptions for rural towns
    As cars become more and more expensive and almost unattainable for most people going forward. We need to invest in local public transport to make it more reliable and convenient for everyone who use it.
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    Created by Oisin O'Dwyer
  • Reopen Archbishops palace
    We need access to this green space in the inner city
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    Created by Mary Doherty
  • Help Save College Park
    Trinity College plans to remove facilities for student sport from College Park to cater for tourists and I am starting this petition to ask Trinity College to find a new location for the proposed tourist attraction which doesn’t take away space from students and our sport. A two story temporary exhibition structure planned to sit on College Park for three years will host an exhibition while the old library is being refurbished but it will severely impact the student sport experience and I am asking that College please lets us continue our sports and instead can we please look at an alternative location for the tourists. Somewhere off campus would cater to tourists or remove some cars off of campus and look at putting this temporary three year structure on Trinity’s Nassau Street car park which will also do good for the environment. I’m currently lobbying College for Dublin City Council to look at this. If this is passed, we are facing a very sad scenario, where those who come to Trinity, will not be able to play a single match on their home ground for four years, in College Park if this structure is built, which is a really bleak proposition. Imagine being part of a club and not being able to play on your home ground? I am starting this petition because our sport is very important to us as students for our health, wellbeing and metal capacity and as the student voice on the Estates Policy Committee I am passionate about represent this truth about student population and I disagreed with these plans and noted my dissent on Wednesday October 15th 2021; we’d like College Park to be protected both now and in the future for student activity. We would also like permanent floodlighting to be installed to make it safer space for us as students and to extend College Park’s usage for us into the evenings please. Please sign this petition and join our College community, please Help Save College Park 1. It’s a really peaceful and restful space for students and a safe space for us to exercise and rest and it improves our mental health so please help us to keep it peaceful. 2. It is the home ground of the Dublin University Cricket Club (DUCC) which has been at the forefront of Irish cricket for almost two centuries. The planned tourist structure would reduce the Cricket outfield significantly and the current plans depicting the structure don’t even show the correct dimensions. The plans are created from the incorrect perspective - creases on the wicket actually look as if they will be impacted. The Cricket pitch is drawn as a circle on the plans, it’s not a circle. 3. College Park is also home ground to the oldest surviving association football club in the Republic of Ireland; Dublin University A.F.C. (DUAFC). Founded in 1883 DUAFC plays its home matches at College Park. No student will get to play a match on this home ground for three years if this structure goes ahead. Why? 4. No one has bothered to check out what the correct dimensions are for the various sports facilities and at least put them on a correct map as opposed to incorrect plans. Whoever put the words UEFA before a 48 metre wide football pitch… that person needs to know that the pitch is already on the small side. 48 metres is way too narrow. UEFA requires min 64 metres x 100 metres. 5. Dublin University Harriers and Athletics Club (DUHAC) also train in College Park and have broken numerous records training there and the club has the biggest turnout of men and women and welcomes runners of all abilities. The men’s and women’s athletics team have amongst others, postgraduates and sports scholars as members. Without a correct running track these scholarships will be in jeopardy. 6. During the track season (April-September approx.) DUHAC the athletics club use the 400m lime track that Estates and Facilities line out. This is a central piece of Trinity’s sporting history. The construction of an exhibition installation would mean that the club could no longer train on campus and participation would decline dramatically. 7. Reducing the running space will cause runners to bottle on corners as they run too fast and will render it a completely ineffective training space. 8. The College Races are over 100 years old, and past competitors included Ronnie Delaney and many other Olympic medallists. There were plans for the College Races to be revived for the 150th anniversary of DUHAC, and to Oxford and Cambridge to take part. The plans to reduce the track to 300m would scupper these races entirely. 9. This is not a fait accompli, clubs and students were not consulted. We are being told what the plans are and that is not correct consultation of the various stakeholders. 10. The two story structure will no doubt impact Library staff and students casting a shadow along the side of the Berkeley. There are better spaces for this structure on campus including the obvious New Square or the Nassau carpark, or even a space off campus which won’t impact our student sports facilities over the next three years. As students we’d be most grateful for your support! Please as a College community, please Help Save College Park. #HelpSaveCollegePark
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    Created by Gisèle Scanlon Picture
  • Make the KCR a safe pedestrian crossing
    We have serious concerns about the safety of this junction as there is no traffic light system to enable safe crossing for pedestrians to the shopping facilities situated at the KCR. This junction is currently prioritizing only cars. Our community crosses the junction without the aid of a traffic light, which is unsafe and the act of crossing it everyday is nerve-wracking and unpleasant - particularly when young children are present. We have witnessed too many accidents, the latest involving a school child, this is a safety emergency that can no longer be ignored. The traffic light system operating on the other side of the junction is not safe for users with disabilities or for the elderly.
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    Created by Sandra Rafter
  • Retire At 55
    Construction sector is in decline. New entrants don't find the construction attractive as a career option. This decline will impact on productivity and impact negatively on the housing crisis. Improvement in pension conditions is important to reverse this sectors decline.
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    Created by Andrew Keegan
  • Retire at 55 for construction sector
    In order to retain skills and attract new entrants to the construction sector and avoid labour shortage caused by physical nature off construction work, a reduced pension time is needed as a basic benefit, otherwise it will impact on productivity, send the sector into decline and impact further on the housing crisis. Most construction workers start work as teenagers 10 years ahead of most sectors but, but only 1 in 5 make it to 65.
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    Created by Andrew Keegan
  • Outlaw automatic renewal of subscriptions
    Most of us have been caught out by the payment of subscriptions which were automatically renewed because we forgot to cancel them. Subscriptions should only be renewed if we specifically request that they be.
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    Created by Tom Kelly
  • Ann Hodges International Meteorite Awareness Day
    On November 30, 1954, 34-year-old Ann Elizabeth Fowler Hodges (Alabama), was struck by a meteorite while sleeping. Ann Hodges became the first and possibly only human being to have been reliably recorded as having been hit by a meteorite. This event may not appear to be of great significant, but it provides the backdrop for a United Nations Day to recognise the important role that meteorites and cosmic collisions in general have played in the evolution of our planet and ourselves. Just as one collision changed Ann Hodges world, countless collisions have shaped our world.
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    Created by Sean Taylor
  • A memorial to the Howard Family
    It will be the 50th anniversary of this awful tragedy in March 2024. It is only right and proper that there is a memorial erected in memory of this lovely family.
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    Created by Linda O'Reilly
  • Save The Cobblestone!
    A planning proposal by Marron Estates Ltd to build a 114 bed hotel on top of and surrounding The Cobblestone Pub in Smithfield will destroy one of the city’s finest cultural centres. For decades, The Cobblestone has been a centre of Irish music, signing clubs, dance classes, historical talks and events and the promotion of international culture in Dublin's north inner city. Dublin is being overrun with hotels and student accommodation that add nothing to the cultural life of the city. It is Dublin City Council’s policy to 'lead the cultural development of the city" and "to protect and enhance Dublin city's cultural infrastructure.” The Cobblestone is a key part of the city’s heritage and cultural infrastructure and should be protected not destroyed, or made unviable by the building of yet another hotel. This proposal conflicts with the Council’s policy and should be opposed. Please sign the petition and help save The Cobblestone and protect Dublin's culture and heritage. https://planning.agileapplications.ie/dublincity/application-details/146422
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    Created by Stew Red
  • Secular Public Holiday
    This is an opportunity to acknowledge the wrongs perpuated by our State and those to whom it sub-contracted its responsibilities.
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    Created by Tomas O'Dubhlaoich
  • St Brigid's Day for the new bank holiday
    Celebrate our female saint with a day off for all the amazing health workers and the rest of us!
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    Created by Marie Roche