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George Hook should be removed as a presenter on Newstalk

George Hook should be removed as a presenter on Newstalk

Newstalk should take direct action and sack George Hook. On 8 September Hook used his platform on the national airwaves to tell women they should take personal responsibility when they are raped.

Why is this important?

Hook is in fact the one that needs to take responsibility, as a presenter on a national radio station he has a duty to be socially responsible in his endorsements and language. Instead, Hook's comments are ill-informed,disgusting and place blame on victims. His comments reinforce rape culture in Ireland and blame women for the abuse they suffer.
Groups and organisations are continuously working to get women to come forward after suffering abuse and ensure they don't believe they are responsible for their rapes, but Hooks comments undermine all their value.
Instead of fighting for a society where a woman should be able to go where she pleases without the fear of rape, Hook is insisting that women are responsible for the actions of men around them.
For far too long comments and rhetoric like Hook's have gone without consequence except for those he is attacking. Opinions like his have no place in a civil society and do absolutely noting to ensure we have a safe society for people to live.
George Hook should immediately be removed as a presenter from Newstalk and all sponsors should withdraw support from him.


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Reasons for signing

  • As a rape survivor I find Mr Hook's comments both damaging and upsetting. Victim blaming kept my mouth shut for 14 years. I will not allow this to continue.
  • Disgusting attitude in general but blaming a rape victim on air reaches rapists and tells them what they want to hear. Hook is part of the rape culture attitude.
  • Hook is a public broadcaster with enormous power to sway common opinion. A man who believes a woman might deserve to be raped does not belong in the public domain.


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