• Free Vitamin D supplement for children under 4
    Babies cannot safely get the vitamin D they need from the sun and they need vitamin D because: -between 0 to 12 months babies grow very quickly and have a greater need for vitamin D to form strong bones. -Research shows that vitamin D plays an important role in helping the immune system. It may help prevent diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, MS (multiple sclerosis) and some forms of cancer. -African, Afro-Caribbean, Middle-Eastern or Indian parents are more likely to have babies with low levels of vitamin D.
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    Created by Karen Anne Byrne
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    Created by Sean Mc Hugh
  • Release Noah,s files
    This could be anyone of our sons nephews grandsons. We need to know our children are safe on the streets
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    Created by Angela Grogan
  • Justice for Domestic violence victims
    I'm a victim of Domestic violence I got out of both relationships and got the right services for my children but what about the men/woman that don't know of these services because there abusers have them so isolated from the outside world it's time us past victims spoke out and helped todays victims
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    Created by Pauline Mccarthy
  • Get Aramark off the University of Limerick campus
    Aramark is an American based corporation that operates Direct Provision centres for the State in Cork, Clare and Westmeath, and are also commercially involved in the prison system in the United States. Aramark currently runs a large number of food outlets on the campus such as: Cafe Allegro – University Concert Hall Eden Restaurant – Main Building Cafe Cube – Kemmy River Cafe – Engineering Building Cafe Verde – Health Science Red Raisins* – Main Building *(Chopped, Mexico Kitchen, Subway, Starbucks) UL awarded their catering contract to a corporation that is frequently criticised for its treatment of those in the asylum system and its profiteering off the misery of refugees and those incarcerated in the United States. This contract goes against the community spirit of UL, and the inclusive campus we all love. The University of Limerick is considered a University of Sanctuary for asylum seekers and refugees, offering 15 scholarships each year to residents living in direct provision.
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    Created by Concerned Student
  • Reduce the wait time for smear test
    Pre cancerous cells can develop at any time. 5 years between tests is too long leaving many people in Ireland vulnerable
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    Created by Susie Gaynor
  • Stop the Dog Ban on Beaches
    Banning dogs from beaches will have a detrimental impact on locals and tourism. The local community for beaches where dogs are banned will be forced to walk their dogs in other areas which may be unsafe, not have sidewalks or be pushed into walking their dogs at times they may not feel safe. As a young woman, I go out walking my dog alone and the beach is a place I feel safe. The impact on the mental health of people with dogs will be massive. Not just for locals but for irish people travelling within ireland with a dog. Our dog is a part of our family. We take her with us everywhere and we love going on holiday with her. If she is banned from every beach then it would extremely hard to find places we can go. This will also impact the tourism industry here in ireland. We have a huge caravan and Motorhome tourist community here. These tourists come to ireland because they can bring their dog. My parents bought a caravan specifically for their dog. Banning dogs from beaches will prevent alot of tourists from coming to ireland. The number of dogs being surrendered, especially now after the pandemic has increased massively. Banning dogs from the one place where people love to bring their dog will lead to further surrenders and have an impact on the state. Having a dog is a form of companionship for many people and can be life saving with regard to mental and physical health. Discrimination against people with dogs is unfair and ultimately could lead to further depression in society. The claim for Banning dogs is that it is for hygiene reasons. However, half the beaches around ireland are closed during the summer due to water quality and this is not due to dog excrement, this is due raw sewage continuing to be dumped into itish waterways. Portmarnock beach is a blue flag beach that is frequently closed in the summer due to water quality and does not allow dogs. Rush beaches are hardly ever closed and allow dogs. There is another way to prevent dog excrement that can be utilized not just on beaches but in parks and footpaths. DNA testing is a proven method for addressing this issue and would be more effective than a blanket ban. Ultimately, if we ban dogs from beaches. What next? The park? The footpaths? No dogs allowed in ireland. Where does it end? We bought a house in Rush specifically so we could go for walks on the beach with our dog. If she was banned. It would break my heart and buying a house in the current market was not easy feat. Please don't let this happen all for a blue flag classification to fit into some European standard. We can have our own flagging system if its so important.
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    Created by Tara McFadden
  • STOP Irish Government paying €200 to the wealthy and focus this money to families most in need.
    Spend this money on people who really need it - Mothers who can't afford to feed their children nutritious meals, elderly who can't afford to heat their homes. Lone parents who live below the poverty line. RICH PEOPLE don't need €200.
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    Created by Marie Moloney
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    Created by Liam Doran
  • #ClosetheComments
    This is important as comments made may be claimed to be prejudicial to a fair trial. We all want justice for Ashling Murphy's family and friends and the best way to achieve this is to #ClosetheComments on news outlets reports and commentaries.
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    Created by Aitheantas - Adoptee Identity Rights Picture
  • Traffic lights at ballyragget NS
    Its a dangerous road, kids have to cross to get to the school with trucks and cars speeding by.
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    Created by Elaine Malone
  • Make PPE Masks Recyclable
    In our cities and rural areas
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    Created by Etain Feeley