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To: Callan Community Network (CCN)

Call for Callan Community Network to Resign

To the Board of Directors of Callan Community Network,
- Sean Butler,
- Antoinette Crotty,
- John Stapleton,
- Patrick Lydon,
- Seamus Kelly,
- Justyna Mackowska

We formally request that the current directors of Callan Community Network (CCN) resign with immediate effect and that the necessary process be undertaken to elect new officers to the board of directors of CCN at the earliest possible opportunity.

Why is this important?

We the undersigned believe that the decision of Callan Community Network (CCN) to issue a formal Notice to Quit to the Droichead FRC is clear evidence that CCN is now unwilling to resolve the current difficulties through meaningful dialogue. Prior to issing the eviction order CCN have also previously walked away from talks with Droichead FRC & the Friary Trust.

The Board of Directors of Droichead FRC have always engaged in a positive and progressive manner and at all times have acted in the best interests of those families who use the community childcare facility and the wider Callan community generally.

The decision by CCN to issue a formal Notice to Quit has jeopardised the long-standing community childcare service, placed several jobs under threat and has caused significant distress to the service provider, its employees and dozens of local families.

In addition, CCN has, to date, ignored repeated calls from service users, local residents and a number of public representative’s to formally withdraw the Notice to Quit.

We therefore request that they issue a public statement of resignation within 14 days being supplied with this petition and signatures. This, we believe, is the only avenue available to us that will protect the future of our community childcare service, its employees and service users from further distress and uncertainty.

We will be submitting signatures along with a letter requesting resignation.

Kilkenny, Ireland

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