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To: Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor: Apologise for the use of racist language

Conor McGregor: Apologise for the use of racist language

Conor McGregor must apologise to fellow sportsmen for the use of racist language and offensive commentary and commit to refrain from using it in the future in order to show young people in Ireland and the world that there is no room for racism in sports.

Why is this important?

The issue of racism in sports is a serious one, it particularly targets sportsmen of black ethnicity. Conor McGregor has repeatedly used racist language, jokes and allusions; and it is time that we tell him that Irish people don't find this acceptable nor a good example for our young people.

Conor McGregor is one of Ireland's most renowned sportsman and a huge inspiration for many among Ireland's youth. He has in the past described Latino fighters as "cholos", "cockroaches" or threatened "to turn their favelas into sweatshops". Most recently he addressed a fellow African American sportsman telling him "dance for me boy" and talking about "dancing monkeys", racially charged sentences evoking the slavery past.

It is important to tell Conor McGregor that racism is not a joke, it is not banter and that Ireland as a nation does not tolerate racism, in sports or elsewhere.

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Reasons for signing

  • Im ashamed that he is irish 7 disgracing our country by being such an uncooth ,ignorant egotistacal racist Shame on him
  • He has no class.
  • The ignorance and selfishness! So disappointed to see this, as I always expect a hero has a moral behavior!


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