• Petition to build a dog park in Castletroy Park, Limerick
    Castletroy is a populated area that needs facilities to match the growing population. This park would bring people to the area to spend in the area and also minimize unscoped poop in the area as - the upkeep would not cost anything as once fenced off its purely a gate to open and close the area..
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    Created by Rachel Moran
  • Ban unpaid placements for students!
    Because people deserve to be paid for the work they do.
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    Created by Yusuf Murray
  • GoZeroDay
    Climate Action keeps getting pushed down the priority list, sometimes understandably (e.g. COVID, the war in Ukraine with its associated cost-of-living price hikes). We need initiatives that keep Climate Action top-of-mind at all times, irrespective of what else is going-on in the world. Campaigns details will follow on social media (hints & tips to participate etc)
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    Created by Simon Ruddy
  • Fix our health and mental health services
    An ambulance person shouldn't have to wait 3 hours to get a stretcher back form a hospital and put themselves at risk at viruses and bugs. Also our elderly shouldn't be on corridors. They fought for our country to be treated like this
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    Created by Tanya Vickers
  • Calmer Commute
    If we are to encourage our population to use public transport more, it is important that it is comfortable for everybody. Listening to a device without earphones is inconsiderate and selfish. Irish Rail have already made efforts to stamp out this behaviour. Let's try to bring some calm to our other transport providers, Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann etc. I think the offenders don't even realise they are effecting other passengers. If there was a little sticker posted on the bus/luas/DARTetc, for all to see, it would serve as a gentle nudge to remind people of their manners
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    Created by Grainne O'Callaghan
  • Votes at 16
    it is unfair that we allow 16 and 17 to do multiple things in society such as being able to work. yet they have no say in how society is effected. especially when it will affect them the most in the future
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    Created by Jack Stewart Kelly
  • Marina Market
    A dedicated building rather than a warehouse.
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    Created by George O'Mahony
  • Let’s Make Our Holy Communion Together
    The first memory of sacrament for our children is their First Holy Communion, a lifelong and important memory to share with their childhood friends. The revised policy in the Archdiocese of Dublin is to separate children making their Holy Communion with their school friends as a group. In the school that my daughter attends it means that 12 children across two classes will make their Holy Communion over 3 consecutive Sundays. The Archdiocese state that the revised policy advocates for “small group celebrations” for a “more prayerful and personal experience”. Our 8 and 9 year old children are excited about this sacrament and sharing the experience with all of their peers.
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    Created by Ciara Calder
  • OAPs need cateract removal surgery in ROI
    Cateracts can effect anyone but they mostly effect elderly people. A cloud grows over the eye making it difficult to see. It only gets worst and the only treatment is surgery. But the good news is that the 20-30min surgery is very effective and the pateints sight is returning to them only days after the procedure. The surgery is 95% successful. This surgery was routinely performed on out pateints in district hospitals in the 1960s but in recent decades fewer consultants in the public system are available to perform the procedure and so people are left on waiting lists for 5-6 years. You can avail of the cross border scheme. This involves being accessed by your GP and referred to the HSE cateract waiting list, then making arrangements with a clinic abroad that offers this surgery under the cross border scheme, book an appointment with their consultant on the day before the procedure, arranging your travel and accommodation and paying in advance the full amount, approx €2500 per eye, then actually going abroad, some require you have someone accompany you, have the surgery and get paper work completed by consultant and finally sending off same to HSE for about 90% reimbursment 9-10 weeks later. Then repeat the whole thing if you need treatment on a second eye. This is no way to treat our older people, specially when they are at their most vulnerable. By the HSE employing more eye consultants the waiting list for cateract removal can be reduced and eliminated and a local, efficient and humane service restored.
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    Created by Lorraine Hurley
  • Free Packet Postage to Care Homes for Christmas ❤️
    An Post were amazing during the pandemic and really showed how they could improve the lives of the more vulnerable in our community. They offered free postage for Packets up to 2KG to Nursing Homes. This enabled carepack.ie to leverage the humanity all across Ireland to get 13,000 Gifts to residents in 2020 and 20,000 to residents in 2021. The Service halted in March 2022 , but we would love to see it back again , please !
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    Created by Stephen Griffin
  • Exempt TD’s from the public service pay deal
    The new public sector pay deal negotiated by the Government will result in TD’s salaries rising more than €6,500 making their salary nearly €108,000 a year. In the middle of the worst cost of living crisis to face this country, TD’s should not be handed more money, while families face the choice of putting food on the table or paying for light and heat. We, the undersigned, call on the Government to exempt TD’s from the pay rises in the public sector pay deal.
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    Created by Patrick O’Brien
  • Abolish property tax for pensioners
    Due to the unprecedented rise in prices ie; heating oil/ fuel diesel/petrol/ groceries etc; us pensioners are put in a very precarious situation of hardship which is getting worse each day. it is becoming harder and harder to make ends meet, and no letup. Pensioners must stand together and make the government see the seriousness of our plight
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    Created by Kevin Doyle