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To: Coillte, Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Finance

Castlefreke – Our Woods Our Walks

Castlefreke – Our Woods Our Walks

Protect Castlefreke Woods (Co. Cork) from being sold

Why is this important?

The woods are walked and enjoyed by thousands of people. In May and June (2018) Coillte gave consideration to a proposal to sell lands it owns in Castlefreke Woods to a private individual. The campaign was established on 18th May to prevent this from happening. The petition was launched on 7th June. On 14th June Coillte contacted the campaign to announce that it would NOT be selling its lands in Castlefreke Woods.

The petition is being kept open as part of the campaign to ensure Castlefreke Woods will NEVER be sold, and that they will be developed to their full potential.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be presented to Coillte and the two shareholders, the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Finance.

Cork, County Cork, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Ireland is being slowly privatised under our noses. for all we know this is going to an overseas company who will buy our woodland for export! Stop the sneaky privatisation of the country!
  • Castlefreke Woods are an important amenity that are enjoyed by young and old alike. It is vital to preserve an amenity that promotes health and exercise and allows us to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment
  • we must save the woods of Ireland .If they fall into private hands who knows what will happen


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