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To: Fingal County Council

No fast food chains near Skerries schools

Refuse permission for an application for a drive thru fast food restaurant beside a primary school and Montessori school in Skerries, Co. Dublin.

Prohibit granting of permission of new fast food developments within 400m of schools as per the Wicklow Development Plan and as advocated by the No Fry Zone campaign

Why is this important?

Ireland is facing a child obesity crisis with huge long term implications. Part of the reason for this is the marketing of high sugar and high fat foods specifically targeting children. Fast food chains are particularly guilty of this. Granting permission to a fast food chain restaurant beside a primary school and Montessori school will have negative consequences for the health of the 100s of children that currently pass this site on a daily basis and the 1000s that will do so in the long term if permission is granted. Let’s protect our children and set an example to other Councils around the country
Skerries, County Dublin, Ireland

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