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Cycling For All in Ireland

Cycling For All in Ireland

— Transform our streets and roads, urban and rural, using the Cycling For All principles, as outlined on outline at

— Provide funding for walking and cycling amounting to at least 20% of the capital budget for transport every year.

Why is this important?

Ireland needs to unlock the current suppressed potential for cycling — transport, mental and physical health, and environmental benefits, and also more wide-ranging positives of mass cycling.

These wider benefits include giving teenagers and parents freedom from the parent taxi; freeing many people across the country from the restrictive options of driving or depending on infrequent public transport; and supporting “last mile” trips to high-quality public transport.

Reasons for signing

  • I cycle to work daily but can see that many sections are not safe enough for broad use. I've also seen how much larger cities than ours (Vancouver for ex) have incorporated a well designed network of separate cycle lanes into the city traffic plan.
  • healthy activity
  • I used to cycle but it has just gotten too dangerous now in the city


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