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To: The Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy TD

Call on the Housing Minister to Address the Housing Crisis

Call on the Housing Minister to Address the Housing Crisis

Address the Housing Crisis

Why is this important?

The Housing Crisis is a countrywide problem that has reached epidemic proportions. In January 2018, over 9,500 individuals were struggling to survive in State-funded emergency accommodation, 184 individuals were sleeping rough in the winter of 2017 in Dublin and almost 100,000 people are on social housing lists. An ongoing issue, successive governments have failed to act.

There are a number of issues underlying this problem, which affects vulnerable groups in various ways, including Travellers, asylum seekers, refugees and survivors of domestic abuse . A system-level change is required. To begin with, rent and property taxes must accord with the Housing Assistance Payment Scheme (HAP) and local authorities need to spend the funding allocated to investment in culturally appropriate housing for Travellers. People Before Profit outline a number of remedies, such as delimiting the right to private property and investing the capital from employment creation in social housing.

Please sign this petition calling on The Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy TD, to implement such practical and sustainable solutions to address this problem.


Reasons for signing

  • Council house are being left empty to facilitate the fraud perpetrated by our government. Paying millions to private establishments to house homeless families in inappropriate accommodation. You can be sure tds have shares in most of those hotels
  • The few hoard the land and properties while the many can't afford a home and 5000 children are now homeless... I say it's time to take back power, off with their heads!
  • Just build social housing. It's that simple.


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