• Save the Douglas Road
    Widening the Douglas Road will destroy the local environment, heritage and character of this historic Cork road forever. There are much cheaper, faster and greener ways to improve public and active transport than this proposal. It will not only reduce the quality of life for many residents in the area, but also for those who use the Douglas Road. When there is more congestion around Douglas Village and on the side roads (as the plan doesn't help parents who bring children to school in the area), we will wonder why we let it happen. There will be no going back once the mature trees and walls of architectural heritage are torn down. Destroying the road is not the solution - there are alternatives. Road reallocation, school bus services etc. Please help us in our campaign to save the Douglas Road
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    Created by michele hill
  • The Columban Way - Support Recognition as a European Cultural Route
    The Columban Way is a rural community driven project focused on connecting communities using low impact walking tourism to provide socio-economic opportunities where large ticket tourism offerings are scarce on the ground. The project is staffed through 100% volunteering with support from Carlow County Council, Carlow Tourism and Failte Ireland. With your support we will be able to continue our work towards Bangor, Co. Down and through Europe to Bobbio, Italy.
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    Created by Damian Howard
  • Stop Outrageous Compost Bin Charges
    Waste management companies are profiteering from the waste management crisis. Waste bin charges are being hiked and this is making it even harder for struggling households. Instead we should have publicly owned waste services.
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    Created by Jacob Sosinsky
  • Kiltalown Park and Jobstown Playground
    What can be done? Kiltalown and Jobstown Parks and playground should be beautiful public spaces which the community and surrounding areas could be free to utilise. These public spaces require investment in resources to improve the facilities to allow these parks/playgrounds to be opened to our communities all year round. We are campaigning for: - Proper lighting to be installed within the parks/playground to increase community activity. - More facilities such as park benches and exercise equipment. - Our playground for the children of our communities upgraded and re-opened - Extend the paved walkways and incorporate the stream in kiltalown park. This would allow for a section of the park to be rewilded and would be a great asset for our local schools in order to have nature walks on our doorstep. - In other parks South Dublin County Council have invested vast amounts of funding and programs while failing to invest in our parks in South Tallaght, we demand our fair share of that funding and investments. - Park rangers also to discourage any inappropriate behaviour so that the parks/playground are used in a positive way, so people have a greater sense of security and these community areas attract more users.
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    Created by Laura OReilly
  • Equal Protection for All at IPO Dublin
    An equal society is a better society for everyone.
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    Created by Aisling Hudson
  • Stop the Demolition of 6 Cottages on Francis Street, Ennis
    The decision to demolish these homes was made by a narrow majority of only one vote, without any community consultation. We believe that this decision is short-sighted and goes against the interests of the people of Ennis. The ongoing housing crisis in Clare makes the demolition of any sound properties unacceptable. Recent figures have shown that families in all parts of Clare are being evicted into homelessness, and there is a severe shortage of emergency accommodation available. These six cottages could be homes for people in desperate straits. We also note that this decision is at odds with the Housing for All strategy, which aims to deliver high-quality, affordable housing and end homelessness in Ireland. The proposed demolition of these cottages to make way for a temporary car park is not in line with this strategy. The current dispute over the demolition of the Francis Street cottages and the subsequent construction of a temporary car park shows remarkable parallels with a previous controversy that shook the town only a few years ago, involving the Ennis Market Building, which carried a staggering price tag of €1.75m. However, as the project has dragged on, it has become increasingly clear that the promises made by its advocates including former Mayor Ann Norton, were far from reality. There are several striking similarities between the market building scandal and the proposed development on Francis Street. One of the most obvious is the involvement of some of the same councillors who were implicated in the market building debacle. There is a need for greater accountability and transparency in local government decision-making. Residents and community groups must be given a voice in these important decisions that will shape the future of our town, and elected officials must be held accountable for their actions and decisions. We urge the Ennis Municipal District Council to halt the demolition of the cottages on Francis Street and to consider the long-term impact of this decision on Ennis' cultural heritage and the ongoing housing crisis. The proposed cost of upwards of one million euro to build a temporary car park could be much better spent on renovating these cottages for use as affordable/public housing for local families. Furthermore, we are deeply concerned about the authority given to the Ennis 2040 DAC and the possible privatisation of publicly owned assets. It is essential that the town's assets and resources are managed in the interests of the community, not for short-term financial gain. We, therefore, call on the Ennis Municipal District Council to provide affordable/public housing for the people of Clare by renovating these cottages on Francis Street. We demand transparency and community involvement in decision-making processes and call on the council to prioritise the needs and interests of the people of Clare. We also call on concerned residents and the wider county to contact the following Councillors who voted in favour of the demolition, and to express their opposition to this decision: Contact: Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy: [email protected] Councillor Paul Murphy: [email protected] Councillor Mary Howard: [email protected] Councillor Ann Norton: [email protected] Together, we can make our voices heard and ensure that Ennis' heritage and homes are protected for future generations, and that affordable/public housing is prioritized in our town's development. Sincerely, Save Francis Street Alliance
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    Created by Save Francis Street Alliance
  • Minister McConalogue: stop hidden overfishing, vote against undermining accurate EU catch reporting
    A healthy ocean means thriving wildlife, sustainable fisheries, and livelihoods for fishers, but a proposal to rewrite EU fisheries rules threatens to undermine all of this by legalising overfishing on a massive scale. It would allow dramatic underreporting of catches(1), but Minister McConalogue can prevent it from going ahead. This relaxing of the rules has been tried before, in the Baltic Sea(2), where it contributed to the collapse of vital fish populations and “incentivised” hidden overfishing(1). The biggest benefits would go mostly to vast supertrawlers like the Margiris, which has been recorded fishing off the Irish coast in recent weeks(3). The cost would be felt by the rest of us. This is our last chance to stop this. Join us in calling on Minister McConalogue to uphold Ireland’s obligation(4) to ensure the accuracy of catch reporting by blocking this dangerous proposal. It’s time to stand up for the ocean and everyone who depends on it. Find out more about why this petition is so important by visiting the BirdWatch Ireland website: https://birdwatchireland.ie/join-us-in-calling-on-minister-mcconalogue-to-oppose-eu-council-proposals-that-would-undermine-accurate-catch-reporting-and-risk-further-overfishing/ (1) https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/mar/16/loophole-quotas-overfishing-endangered-species-eu-papers (2) https://ejfoundation.org/reports/a-case-study-of-the-margin-of-tolerance-in-the-baltic-sea (3) https://www.independent.ie/news/environment/alarm-for-marine-life-and-local-fishing-crews-as-monster-super-trawler-fishes-in-irish-waters-for-a-third-day-42388536.html (4) https://curia.europa.eu/juris/document/document.jsf;jsessionid=3E9E9FB0F6680A682CD5505D13ECBF56?text=&docid=253727&pageIndex=0&doclang=EN&mode=lst&dir=&occ=first&part=1&cid=2468322
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    Created by Sinéad Loughran
  • Share the Shore in Greenisland
    The shore of Belfast Lough is special - lovely walks at low tide, seals, birds, the beach. It's a perfect place for people to enjoy, and to improve their physical and mental health, and appreciate our natural environment. Yet it's closed off. Access denied! NIWater and MEABC have the power to change that. So simply open the gate, and #ShareTheShore!
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    Created by Shane McKee
  • Environmental Damage and Sustainability
    Environmental damage is an existential threat and we are facing disaster. Much of our planet will not be habitable if we continue on the current pathway.
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    Created by Martin Knox
  • Re-open Ballaghaderreen Swimming Pool
    The swimming pool in Ballaghaderreen is an important and well used amenity, it's closure is a loss to the town and needs to be re-opened.
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    Created by Claire Kerrane TD Picture
  • Clonard Brook Pollinator Walk
    This area has potential but due to neglect, it has become an eyesore and is prone to littering and illegal dumping. It is a walking route to Colaiste Glor na Mara. It is a walking route for many people on leisure activities such as dog walking. It is used by children as they learn to ride their bikes. Taylor Hill Residents Association did plant over 100 pollinator friendly trees and other plants in 2021, with support from Fingal Council. A lot of work from various groups has gone into make this space nice. Local adults and children spent much of the pandemic painting murals in the Summer. This was followed by a collaborative mural project between Bremore ETSS and Colaiste Glor na Mara which involved Transition Years painting murals to promote environmental awareness. We believe with proper support this area can truly become the Clonard Brook Pollinator Walk. his activity is spoiled when there is evidence of neglect and abuse of this land. The school fence has been broken and is unrepaired. Trolleys are dumped in the stream. As there is such overgrowth, it is impossible to for us to litter pick.
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    Created by Garrett Mullan
  • End the DUP's boycott and get Stormont up and running
    We know that nearly 50% of households in NI are living in fuel poverty and the situation only looks likely to get worse. Choosing between heating and eating is very much a reality for around 100,000 homes in Northern Ireland. High energy prices, inflationary pressures and the cost of living crisis are squeezing households budgets like never before. We need the NI Executive up and running urgently to ease the pressure facing businesses, households and our NHS. Let the DUP know that it is time to end the boycott.
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    Created by Jamie Miller